Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ministers Reshuffled

Effective 01/Aug/2008, the following ministerial positions will be resuffled

1) Prime Minister(PM)
2) Finance Minister(FM)
3) Domestic and Comsumers Affair Minister(DCAM)
4)Education Minister. (EM)

The following person or persons shall be sworn into the respective Ministerial posts effective 01/Aug/08 as follow

Auntie Nancy shall assume the post of PM
Aunite Mary shall assume the post of FM
Auntie Lulu shall assume the post of DCAM
Aunite Rose shall assume the post of EM

The above said candidates with the vast hands one experience are regarded the best for the jobs.
Their respective credentials are as follow.

Aunite Nancy has gone through 3 divorces for the past 16 years, and she managed to triumph without a scratch. She is always in control of all the in laws and not vice versa.

Auntie Mary is most suitable for portfolio of FM, simply because she survived 3 recessions , and with her meagre income, she managed to acquire shares and properties through the years.

Auntie Lulu is sure fit to be the DCAM because she has been to market wet or dry almost everyday since dont know how many years, she can tell you what real inflation figure is. and you just cant fool her with all the food prices, she just knows

No one can be any better to become EM than auntie Rose, she has raised 7 children through think and thin, and now all of them are professionals, she just knows what true education is. No race, no colour , no gender separation.

I am truly sick and tired of those minister who can talk but they just cant feel what the layman are feeling. i believe all the aunties and ladies can do a better in running the country.

P/S, sisters are doing it for themselves, standing on their own two feet


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  2. i really want to look forward to the SHE country then.. i love yr idea..