Monday, July 28, 2008

I truly love you guys,

Well could it be due to our Asian traits that we are not expressive and we are not open about our feelings towards even our dearest ones, i mean our siblings and loved ones.

I have always been troubled by this, i have 3 sisters and a brother, i have always wanted to be close to them, i mean i have really tried my best to do what i could do so that the brothers and sisters can really be close, it looks like it is just another wishful thinking.

Sometimes i am really tired of trying, i am just afraid when the day comes when the matriarch of the house passes on, what then can bond the siblings together, what else is that to talk about now that our mother is gone. I have tried opening up to them, but frustrating enough it was to no avial.

My eldest sister is getting divorced, i really hope and pray that she can attain what she has been thinking about all these years even no matter how much she misunderstood me, i beg that she knows i that i love her. As for my second sister, may your days be better with the coming of times, and i will be there to support you. To my youngest sister, just wanna tell her that i love her too, lastly my brother, even through the years that you have drifted apart, and we have never been that close as i wish we could have, still i love you.

If i were to die tomorrow, as for the eulogy, i hope to hear this from my siblings"we love you our dearest brother"

I have two sons, i have always told them that i am very particular about brotherhood and kinship. You can ask my sons, i will get very very angry if one of them does not show love to the other.

P/S, there are things money can buy, there are things money cant buy, the love of siblings

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