Friday, April 11, 2008

Piously Biased

Has it ever occured to you when you revealed to friends that you do not profess or embrace the same faith as he does or she does, you begin to feel that you are treading in troubled water.

When talking God, i told my friend that i have become an ahteist, i got bombarded left and right, they claimed that i did not know a thing about god, that how worldly i have become, that i did not read much about the "divine book", suddenly i have become a religious outcast that doomed to hell, and suddenly those particular friends of mine, cannot accept me with my different belief.

How could they become so piously biased to my belief, why cant they accept my dissentment, are they sure there is only one way to heaven.

I guess when god created us, he gave us the wisdom to think, to reason, to explore, to question, to argue, to challenge what we once thought was right. i did that all that, and this is what i become, i have my wisdom back.

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