Thursday, April 10, 2008

if you are into running

i just found out about this brand which is good for running and jogging, please check out Brooks, you can get further infos from

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  1. Hallo bald blogger. I am glad to pen you a line here for the 1st. time in your blog. About running. Yes, glad that yesterday participated in the 9KM run in 1Utama KL yesterday morning. Even injured my leg for quite some time already, but due to peer pressure, no choicelah but to join them in the run while happened to be on my business trip there. Managed 5km and the rest had to walked back to the finishing line. You know what? I am so proud of myself for the 1hour journey. And the fascinating part is that this is the first time in my life (42years to be exact) I ever run in the busy KL road that used to be a traffic monster in the normal day. The morning sun and the air were so fresh and it was interesting to note and enjoy the scenery of the housing estate which is entirely different from my wild imagination of KL being the concrete jungle. I was wrong then. Nevermine though, I would surely invite you for the run the next time when time is permissible and lets enjoy the great time of healthy activity with my grand old pal. By the way, how is your Penang Bridge 2008 Marathon preparation. If my condition permitted, I will surely be in for this year run too. All my southern Malaysian fellows from Batu Pahat & Johore had assured me of their participation again this year. So enjoy your running!

    GSLim Lau Pen You