Thursday, January 10, 2013

A tale of two schools...

I could agree with almost everything my lovely wife would suggest but of late there is just one thing that we both differ as far as heaven and earth apart.

Marvell would be sitting for his UPSR this year,undeniably and by the grace of God,I believe he will do well and that's where all the drama begins.......

You see,my wifey insists that he should be enrolled into a so called prestige school here in Penang Island,(supposedly they only except those 6A and above) but I am of the opinion that Marvell should go into the school that Jovial is currently in,( supposedly a not so prestigious one).

You see next year,Marvell will be automatically ascended to the same school as Jovial cos they share the primarily and secondary school as well,therefore the secondary would accept all students from their primarily counterpart regardless of their pupil's results.

So wifey says that if Marvell were to be in that prestigious school,he will then know that he is competing with the creme de la creme and thus he will be in the "pressure" of excelling in order to be Good, I told her that I would prefer her to be in Jovial's school,as he will see the "bad of the bads" hahahahah,then he will learn to be "street wise" and just look at Jovial ...he is doing well too and he knows the bad apples but he is not with the bad apples

I told my wife that I was confident that even Marvell were to be in a "3rd graded" school,he would still perform and pursue his dream of becoming what he aspires to be for this "good traits" are well "cultivated" already...

I wonder can sinners be saved if Jesus were to minister to only the good good people ?hahahahahh

I am still at the deadlock at this..............................

Note: would you like to share your two cents ?

P/S : What makes the difference? 


  1. I come from a not so 'prestige' school, but it make me sees the whole lot more of friends from those 'prestige' school actually.. we are not protected one way or another, therefore we need to learn to get things done ourselves.. we don't have panic parents 'helicopter' us, therefore we learned things the hard way which is useful in the society...

  2. For Marvell, no matter where he is, there's no difference. - to answer to your question.
    Why not let him choose?

  3. Secondray school is more important than primary school. So I can understand your wife's point of view. She wants the best from Marvell, and she has trust that Marvell can cope with this so called more prestige school.

    Anyway, the choice is back to Marvell.

  4. I would prefer to put my kid in the "prestigious" school actually..At this young, impressionable age, a lot of kids tend to follow what others are doing. During my school years (form 4) i decided to switch to a B class from an A class, so that I could take an additional subject i.e. Economics. Only B class will be taught this additional topic, but the students inside also are naughtier and less studious. My classmates loves to play, and everyone is always not studying, and more relaxed compared to A class. And because i see my classmates not doing much studying, I also started following them, and eventually my studies were affected.

    I regretted my decision then, and wished i stayed in A class, so that I have more kawans to study together, and where we can encourage each other to perform better. I feel whom the children mixed with will eventually shape them and their future. They will influence each other's thoughts, words actions etc. And if possible, i would want my kids to be in "good" company rather than bad apples.

  5. A friend of mine sent his son to a bad reputation school and yet he became a top scorer. I guess it depends on education at home n not the school.

  6. Firstly would think of the convenience part to have the two kids in the same school. Second is Jovial's feeling of remaining in a 'bad' school unless he would join his Marvell later. Unless Jovial's school is totally hopeless and rotten then its a different story, like Willie said home is also important not totally the school. My dua sen.

    Bananaz is sure to join the sinners going to hell as heaven refused to accept me and probably may face a challenge as hell is afraid Bananaz will take over.

  7. Parents always want the best for their kids. May be a good idea to talk to both boys. What does Marvell want? I suppose with his performance, he'll do well in any school.

    What would Jovial think if his brother gets the chance at a better school. Will he feel that his parents care less for him? A talk with him for his thoughts could be good. It'll give him the idea that he's important too. Just my two cents.

    Everything will work out in the end, I have no doubt. Best wishes..

  8. as a parent, i think you should provide the best opportunities for your child. If your child is able to get into a good school, what's stopping you? Your ideals? Going to a good school is good. he can challenge himself and be the best. If you go to a lousy school, and become a top scorer, tat's because it's probably easier to be the top scorer. Less efforts needed. Why be mediocre when you can excel?

  9. I'm with you, I hope both kids can be in the same secondary school. Unless both sibling different gender and you do not wanna send them to co-ed school. I still hope my kids can have happy schooling, be street smart not bookworm. Eventhough one is high IQ but doesn't mean he/she is more capable. Heard and read so much news of student commit suicide and the most recent case was the boy from Pg Chung Ling... cold sweat man..

  10. That is a tough decision which we will be faced with in a couple of years time. I also want to here from you and others on what you choose. At the moment the kids are in Chinese school for in the Klang valley unlike in Penang, the Kebangsaan school are lower in standard imo only. So when it comes to secondary education we will be faced with 1. Chinese School (out because too tough) 2. Private School (Out because too expensive and we have to save for further education) 3) Grade B SJK school (plenty to choose from) or 4) Grade A SJK School (must have good UPSR results and contacts they say. Sigh we are all screwed up because of our poor education choices and all we want is the best for our children. My thoughts on this. Disagree but don't fight over it. I hope you find the right school eventually.

    1. I also agree that Jovial should be thought about too. Though you would want the best for the child who can excel, sometimes going to different schools etc creates a gap, just my two cents for now. I don't know about later when we are faced with the same decision because it is always easier to say then do.

  11. Going to a better school is always better for the kids. But paying a lot to a "prestige" school that "blings" but no substance, is not worth the money.

  12. In my opinion, believing in a certain type of SCHOOL is like believing in a RELIGION which is hard to be influenced by others, be it "ordinary vs prestigious", "public vs private", "private vs international", "international vs homeschool". At times it will become heated discussion &argument due to the different school of thought.

    When my kids are/were in primary school, i make sure they study hard to stay in the "prestigious" good class 菁英班。Apart from ensuring them getting better result in order to be enrolled into good class (if in public secondary school), my hubby jokingly said we must get the most out of our tax payor money since most of the good teachers are in good class. Unfortunately my elder daughter dropped to the ordinary class in std 6 due to very bad Science result. She had much lesser homework and ended up with lesser As (4A, 2B 1 C) but having a happier school year. But she ended with A for her science without tuition...i wonder whether was it because of less pressure, more pleasure in studies?

    When it comes to secondary, there are more things to consider. I can understand your wife's concern. In my opinion, Marvel will be in the best class and competing among the best no matter which school he goes to (got class streaming, right?). However, I'm more concerned about the teachers' quality and the school environment. Are these 2 school very different in term of that? Which has a more positive environment that emphasizes on both academic and extra curricular activities? In secondary school, teachers (and headmaster) are very important. I already can see the changes in my son ever since I switched him to a new school this year (form 4). He used to complain about the teacher's quality in his previous school but now he got so motivated to study and and looks up to his teachers. A good teacher will further unleash the potential in a good student, 千里馬也需要伯樂!I am sure by putting Marvel in the right environment will make him excel further.

  13. Never mind what school - it all boils down to the individual. You need to consider also that you did not send your other son to a prestigious school...and the possible repercussions.