Thursday, January 03, 2013


This happened about a couple of weeks ago,I had a bad row with Jovial and it resulted of him not really talking to me through out that period.

We tried (me and wifey) to so called putting things right for him and my lovely wife began to share with him about those "rebellious years" that we went through as well when we were 16, just to tell him that we understood how he felt...when he was not feeling" that all right" while being "lectured"

When I was 16, I didn't even bother to talk to my father,when I was 'lectured" and how I didn't even talk to him until his left home (for some medical concerns) and I didn't even had the chance to talk to him even on his dying bed.

And as for my wifey,she too was sharing with him,how at 16, she went to disco,against her mother's consent and how even as now she felt bad about those "bad 16 years old " and the "heartaches" she had inflicted upon her mother....

Seriously speaking, I know I have together with my lovely wife raised a couple of good sons, we want them to grow up happy and want them to be proud of us as much as we are proud of them.

So, we are back on "talking term",when I went the extra mile to help Jovial to settle some "school issues" and  I can feel that he truly appreciated it.

This morning when I read one piece of news of how a 18 years old boy plunged to his death in my home state Penang, I felt sad,supposedly he could not take the pressure of him not doing as good as his other siblings,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so much to ponder over this news,isn't it?

I love my boys but at the same time,I must let them know how to brave, face up and be bold when come against "failures" and "rejection"

P/S : Let me learn


  1. Sad! When kids are lost they went off track with nobody to turn to that's where the problem starts. No love, lots of stress from school, from parents especially when school marks are no good, can't get the real meaning in life, lousy parenting or wrong friends etc etc etc could drive any kids up the wall and over the cliff. Bottom line communication between both parties is paramount.

  2. I bet everyone been through the rebellious stage during teenage time.

    Don't worry, I am sure you and wifey have the ways.. ;)

  3. bro, sometimes i think u should thank Lord that He let you went thru the rebellious period of your adolescence.Otherwise we can't even shared our precious experience with our kids.You might rebuke me is it something wrong with me!Sometimes Lord granted us to fall down therefore we are capable to stand firm again and shared our testimony with soemone else in future!!Always rememebered to bestow our thanks heartily to the Lord for His gracious allowance onto our life.

  4. This is the Sweet Sixteen era.. the age where hormones are "haywired" inside our bodies then... when we grow older, we look back and then only we realize what havoc we have done... Same with our kids.. that is the most difficult time for them too.. they are neither adults nor kids.. and they have their own opinion in many things.. But somehow, they will sail through this age if family are close knitted.. :)

  5. Pull, don't push. Love will find the way...

  6. I am glad that you start talking back with your kid..
    Some people are always on hold their pride..
    that is why the older generation often do not speak with their children with a small misunderstanding..

  7. another challenge in parenthood huh?
    kinda afraid to face it...
    still we have to deal with it..
    well, good luck to us!

  8. I love reading how you tackle the issues of parenting. Though my girls are much younger than yours, I do have my headaches.

    I read about the suicide of the boy this morning. It is kind of pity for the boy and also the mother. We are not in the position to judge it anyway.

  9. it's good that as parents, we make the 1st move to resolve differences with our kids. that way, we set the example for them to be good parents when they grow up.

  10. We all went through our teens and the rebellious phase. I have yet to reach this phase and I hope to learn from you, Eugene :)

    Take care, and happy weekend!

  11. It's wonderful to have this kind of talk and sharing with your boy. It's different on my old time, parent will not talk like this. What my mother always remind me was, be careful and protect yourself. But she doesn't elaborate it or giving any example haha. Luckily I'm still in the right track.