Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Undisclosed desires

I am sure many of you at one point of your life have had got the same kind of urge like I do now,the urge of wanting to "upgrade".like for example upgrading to a bigger car, now that you have paid up your current car installment.

Seriously speaking, this kind of sudden urge,with some extra of so called disposable income,I was driven by my emotion rather than having my sudden urge curbed by my previous once well thought out of "financial planning".

Two years ago,I told my lovely wife that once our new car (ya,2 yeas ago ,it was brand new) was paid up by the 24th month, (which was this April),we would then commit to save up the "exact amount" that we used to pay for the car installment without fail every month.

For the past few months since last April,I was religiously doing it,saving that amount but those car ads of year end sales really piqued my interest and quashed my ability of "delayed gratification" and badly enough, my wife was happily influenced by me and we did go "car shopping".

Somehow,call it divine intervention you may, those "car shopping" experience has not been so pleasing and smooth sailing and I am a kind of person,who would just abort the plan when my so called 'instinct' telling me  it was not going to be nice.

After conferring with my lovely wife again, we stalled that plan of  "upgrading" and we're back on track of saving religiously.. I want to save so called "enough" to wait for the right moment to pick up some stocks, when it plummets hopefully before the election is announced...or like for an example if  DIGI were to go below RM4.70 or for some IGB Reits if hits below RM1.25 or other picks,,,

What kind of BIG item have you ever bought by sudden impulse ?

Take a listen to my favorite MUSE..Undisclosed Desires and I really have loads of them.

P/S : Volks Wagen can wait for another 3 years..


  1. Save...save...you may need some money sometime, you'll never know.

    Your boys are growing up - saving for their education? I was lucky - my girl was on a government scholarship. She said she wanted to study in the UK, so I saved desperately, bought an education insurance policy....worked extra (tuition)...and now I have lots of money!!!! I'm giving it all to her though - she deserves it, my little girl!

    1. Got that as well Arthur,part of my saving is for them,,,,

  2. Wow...to STP!! Lots of money!! Gosh... the guy who marries her girl will be very blessed.. hahaa...
    As for the Big item, I know what you meant.. I booked a car without looking at it at the showroom.. and now I am committed to pay every month for the next 4 years! I learn my lesson... never buy on impulse... hahaha.. seriously, now I regret buying but too late.. mistake on my part!

  3. U can surprise ur wife with a gift. I m sure she would appreciate it. could be a holiday , kitchen gadget...

  4. I want to buy a small property!! waiting for the pricing to be more affordable!!

  5. I bought a luxury studio unit and put into my wife's name! She freaked out and paid progressive payments tru her nose! I sold it for her the day she got the keys. She laughed her way to the banks....not me! How sad!

  6. I think it really work out.At least firstly we aimed a target and that will indirectly motivated us to strive and save $$ and spend our budget pompously.If eventually we do not spend the $$ for the target we aimed, at least we did save some $$ up for other purpose. Like myself i just managed to settle my morgage loan recently and I aim to own a To**** Cam** in less than 3 years..Hahaaa..At least it do motivate me to "Cari $$" and won't sluggish me down in the comfort zone too long.I used to admonish myself not to stay in gratification for too long!!!Keep it up ...bro