Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A grandpa with a Samsung Tablet...

So the title of my post sounds kind of stale, doesn't it? wait till I share with you the following encounter I had with an uncle.

I was so surprised,just the other day as I was waiting to pick Marvell up from school. Usually I have no qualm chatting up with strangers, so I was standing next to one uncle, I just said hello to him then we chatted a little here and there.

So my phone rang, and my hand phone caught his attention, simply because my phone was a kind of "half smart and half stupid" so he asked me why didn't I change to a new smart phone and I told him as for now, i did not feel that I needed it.

I did not know whether he was trying to show off or what,he suddenly took out a Samsung Tablet from his motor basket and I was in awe knowing that this uncle(I guess in his 60s) can be so smart by using smart phone.

So I praised him for keeping abreast with technology and jokingly I told him that he really put me to shame, then he was quick to refute my praise by saying that the Samsung Tablet was not for him, in fact he bought it for his grandson and let him play with it when he sent him to the "after school" care.

I was like really awestruck with his admission, a grandpa bought an expensive smart phone for his 9 years old grandson to play with.

Note. Is it right or is it wrong ? don't know..

P/S : 真是同人不同命


  1. guess now that's the gadget to keep the grandson 'listen' to him.. sad that we need to resort to gadget instead of spending time together..

  2. Well, let's put it this way. This expensive smart phone is sort of like those gaming gadgets / consoles (Playstation or XBox alike) improved with phone functionality :)

  3. Hi 5, Eugene. I am also using half smart and half stupid phone now. This uncle gives his grandson higher priority than he himself. That's why he is willing to buy his grandson a Samsung Tablet.

    Different people may have different priority in their life. Some people is just willing to save in food, clothes and others, but just in order to own an iPhone.

  4. Nowadays the kids are so blessed.. I have seen with my own eyes... 2 or 3 year old kids are holding an ipad in public already! :)

  5. No right or wrong. Some think may assist their children to do better in learning, some kiasu ones wanna tayang, some too much money simple dunno where to spend. Boils down to want vz need.

  6. I agree with claire, these days I see many babies still in their strollers starring at ipads. I even saw one which had the ipad clipped at the top of the stroller so the baby can look at it when she or he is in lying down position. *faints*

  7. Hmm, cannot say right or wrong. Perhaps he wants the best for his grandson and doesn't want him to feel 'out dated' among his peers.
    But of course, gotto control the usage la~

  8. Probably that's the way he can control the active grandson, let him sit there and play game. it seems to be the way of life already to many..

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