Thursday, December 22, 2011

Grant me this wish please.

Seriously if I could ask for just one wish, just one. I don't want to be the richest man in the world, I don't want to have sex with the prettiest or the sexiest woman in the world, all I am asking is that I want to be a Super Hero with just one Super Power.

Went to console a dear old friend this morning,her mom succumbed to Cancer early this morning. I took a peek at her body,I felt real sad,the cancer has so called made her"different"

Sat down with an old customer just now, I was asking about another dear friend Robert, I was told Robert got defeated by Cancer and was called home six months ago,when he was still alive and suffered the tremendous pain from cancer,he refused visits.

When I inquired from my church pastor last Saturday, what happened to another pastor's wife(cos I read in his Facebook,sensing something amiss) I was told she was diagnosed with lung Cancer... ditto.

Therefore,If my wish was granted, I would don my Super Hero outfit,never mind if I wore my underwear outside or not and armed with my only Super Power, I would go around to those inflicted with Cancer.... Bing Bing Bing and they are all free.....

Seriously, let us imbue ourselves with good feelings and let us spread the joys to those who so ever need it. I don't mind if you call me childish or stupid,if I could make you happy and laugh with my me that's LIFE already.

Started writing at 1.55 PM, ended 2.15 PM

P/S : Don't be too hard on yourself and try to make life easy for others as well ,ya


  1. Cancer took my mum away when I was 17. I hate cancer too. Don't know when there will be something invented to cure cancer.

  2. We can always remember those unfortunate ones in our prayers, that God may be kind and merciful - that is the best anyone can do.

  3. It is hard to avoid Cancer or Disease. If everyone have the same wish and granted, Humanity will be Immortal.

    When Human born, one day Human will die. Die naturally, Die with Disease or Die with accident . . .

    Well I don't hope anything happen right now to me, I just need to complete the task that everydays come to me.

    Bro, take good care and smile! Always have fun with your family! :)

  4. That is the most feared disease one wants to avoid.. sigh... wish you have the bling bling bling curing shaft!

  5. if only your wish could come would be a blessing..

  6. I'm starting to like this Super Hero, blessed with kind heart. The Big C is the most dreaded disease and truly, I look forward to the savior.

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  8. A very noble thought. I lost a dear friend to cancer last year and can understand the pain.

  9. This dreaded C nearly took away my life too. My daughter was only 1.5 year old when I was diagnosed. For the love of my family, I fought the battle and survived. Life is certainly not made to be easy...