Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Goals that I missed out from 2011

The end is nigh,they say and I am sure many of us have achieved some, missed out some, regretted some and when all that has been said and done, my axiom is and shall always be "don't cry over spilled milk"

Looking back 2011, I know I have some missed goals but I am sure again all these missed goals shall be attained comes 2012.

1) Failed to run my first full marathon but I am determined to do it in 2012
2)Did not manage to put up the Christmas tree in my house, it will be a nice one in 2012
3)My six pack ab regime has eluded once again, I want to be like Daniel Chiam fight for it in 2012
4) I have failed to trust God 100 % in 2011, shall pray hard to Let Go and Let God comes 2012
5)Have not done enough as a husband, a son and a father

Hahah, I am glad that I have not many missed goals,may be I didn't set many as well.

So what you missed out in 2011?

P/S : Talk is cheap


  1. We shall have a same pursue in 2012 Eugene! hahaha

    I missed out learning how to play guitar and clear my credit card debt xD

    Lets work harder and trust God more in 2012! Amen :D

  2. I like your positive attitude about not meeting your goals for this year. There is always another year to do that:D. Happy New Year to you and family:D

  3. Well, I think I fulfilled most of my NY resolutions for 2011..
    Of course, sometimes we missed certain things but if there's a will, there's a way, next year!

  4. My New Year Resolution 2011 is to sleep early. The more I want to sleep early, the more I give added stress to myself when I missed it. So, my new year resolution 2012 is to have no stress. I guess 'to have no stress' is double harder to achieve than 'to sleep early'. Sigh...

  5. hey..i m sure u had did ur best. from yr posting everytime, i see that u really do ur best n think very positively. no one is perfect. just hope 2012..we make better decisions n live life to fullest.

  6. You sure will achieve all that you set out for in 2012. Remain positive and cheerful. Those are your biggest assets. And yes, you are w wonderful father and husband and a great human being.

  7. Nope... Maybe I missed out on some things but I had my share of some very nice things too so I can happily say that it has been a very good year. Will post on it on New Year's Day.

  8. My resolution is to finish my resolution of 2000 haha. No more resolution just live the day like its your last day.

  9. Surely more than yours! hahaha.. dare not write them.. nanti feel more depressed.. but first thing i must do after work is to buy more Vit C for my kids and myself.. each time we go outstation, sure either this or that.. not enough protection!

  10. My goal for next year - to live happily and contently (I actually forgotten what I planned for 2011).

  11. Keep to the same resolution in 2012 if you missed it in 2011.

    I missed out on losing weight. Gonna try it again in 2012

    Stay positive!

  12. No resolution for me. Just being happy with my family is enough.

    Although I do hope to run my 1st half-marathon by June 2012. :)

    Never mind about not being able to fulfill your 2011 resolution. The main thing is you tried. And do better in 2012. Right? :)

  13. I yet repaint my house. Sigh thank to my dilly dally hubby. Need to really work out next month before CNY.

  14. It's good to know what one wants either in the short- or long-term. It's like Begin with the End in Mind - Habit 2 of the 7 Habits.

    Life is incredible. Once a goal is set, the forces of the universe (cosmos) will be activated to help you along in achieving your goal. For starters, the person himself will be more proactive in taking actions towards that goal and subsequently, events around you will happen in such a way to aid your achieving that goal. My two cents..

    Best wishes for a happy new year, Eugene! Blue skies and everything nice!

  15. Nothing to be miss anymore. Hopefully we become a much better person in 2012. Work harder...

    Happy New Year to you and ur family. Cheers.