Thursday, October 27, 2011

Year after year,same same one

So the Auditor General's report came out on Monday, as expected same same one lah,I don't know about you but to me I felt frustrated,angry and disgusted to say the least.

You see the gomen on one side ask us to tighten our belts but just look at the way how they use the "people's money",you really feel like giving them a big knock on their stupid brains, you probably have read those outrageous and absurd purchases made by certain gomen oven market price..RM400 + but the smart ones bought it at about RM1200, they spent millions to buy horses but eventually the horses also cannot run one.
Now I really wonder for those who were authorized to make those "stupid purchases" would they be as stupid if they were to use their own MTF money to buy a RM400 + oven for RM1200? I don't think so,do you?

I bought a brand new Toshiba notebook for my boys the other day,first thing I did,I compared prices, I asked for freebies, I checked the specs,I asked for extended warranty and finally I decided to buy it,and I would not be damn stupid enough to pay RM20,000 notebook,where else it was only RM2299,why? Because it was my hard earned money lah

Now the sad thing is,despite the apparent,blatant and obvious abuse of "public fund" ,no one seems to be held responsible for the misdeed,how nice that can be,right? That's why year after year, same same one lah.

Note : They will never know how hard it is for us to earn a living, they will try to make us believe that they feel for us but just look at all those abuses,mismanagement of public funds,abandoned projects,we know that they will never know how hard it is for us to make ends meet, will they?

P/S : With power,they make us powerless but with one vote, they can't continue to bully us so


  1. Curi-curi wang Malaysia... so many of our well earn money has been use to buy luxurious thing and not for the people's sake but for their own comfy sake... more and more is coming out of the news... then again... no action seems to be taking place nor anything was done...

    if only they know how hard for me to go through my everyday life =(

  2. So, we need a total revamp. People have to wake up and not continue to put in power the same people who are robbing us blind. No wonder the country is heading towards bankruptcy in 2019 or even sooner if the bite gets bigger and unchecked. Good post to hilite, Eugene.

  3. year in year out the AG came out with the report of overspending, but was anything done about it? No. the gomen still never change and happily speding our hard earn money. I read for the malacca river boat they double paid even . This is so sickening. We must kick them out. If carry on like that Malaysia don't bankrupt also hard la. I prayed that we can one day elect our PM and DPM too , not like what we have no they came in by default. Change , Change! Change! it must come soon!

  4. This is only the tip of the iceberg...with a whole lot of window dressing - you do not get to see the big ones - in fishing lingo, the ones that got away!

  5. Small govermental purchases have no margin for "mark up"/kick back. So everything they buy have to be "special" so they can ask the manufacturers to bump up the prices inorder to create fuzzy accounting and redirect money to their oversea bank accounts.
    We all need to exercise our voting
    power and never let any parties rule for too long. Even if the UMNO is kick out , we need them to check on any new parties that take their place to keep everyone honest.
    But can we trust our election ? Do we need a third party to verify the voting system ?

    Over spending ?, I bet there is a huge chunk of black budget even AG is not aware of . The longer any party stays,the more cronies they have and all these big business croines will help the politicians
    to win. The politician and cronies will become the elite and the rest will be second class citizens.

  6. Eugene, this is a good example. 400millions here, 400 millions there, who is counting ?

  7. It seems to be the same state in every country. We organized the commonwealth games last year and huge amounts of public money have been completely wasted; expensive and useless things bought! You are right, they will never understand the importance of hard earned money as they never really earned it. They should be removed from power and that can be done only when the common man is awakened and empowered! I so am waiting for that day!!!