Friday, April 10, 2009

Mid Life crisis and men above 40.....

Like it or not, times waits for no man, like it or not, your youth was your yesteryear's pride and like it or not you cant turn 43 to be 34 and, like it or not you have more worries now at 43 than that of 34and finally like it or not my hairline is going south bound instead of north bound.

Over my morning coffee break with my breadfast buddies (all of them above 40,and all male. me being the youngest among all at 43) we were delving in the issues of mid life crisis and the worries of men of our age have. Each of us had to share their mid life crisis and the malaise fears and anything surrounding men above 40, and i will sum it all here for your reading pleasure.

Names withheld to protect each individual's privacy and any similiarity in the comments is mere coincidental....(Note,i have seeked their approval to share their stories)

Buddy A) Fearful of his wife's menopause thus reduces the frequency of their sexual activities and the change of his sexual desires, he wants more but he gets less of it. He said he tried hard to get the wife into the spur of THING, but she seems oblivious and he really feels the sense of unfullfillness sexually and he wanted to get the SHOTS outside but fearful of the guilt that might haunt him. He concluded that men above 40 dont like to have it "DIY", ludicrously he said the hands of men this age cannot connect well with the state of mind, and tend to retard the mind with the wrong signal from the hand( we had good laugh)

Buddy B) Having not enough money in the bank and the business not doing well and his high blood pressure is not doing him any good either, one child in the college, and the other one entering soon, to him "money is too tight to mention" is his real crisis. And for this buddy, having sex at the present state that he is in is like stoking a up fire in the rain, and as he divulged even hydrauric crane cant get IT all up, (again we had a good giggle)

Buddy C)Children not talking to him (having one mistress for about 7 years now) and money is not a problem for him but he is scared than he would be a desserted and destitute old soul if the children still cant forgive him, and he felt responsible for the second wife as well and on top of that, his health is not treating him well either.

Buddy D) Nothing seems to bother him, he is a lone ranger (single man), working for his brother in law, staying with the mother, can afford a session of binging every now and then, going for paid sex when his wallet is compounded with some extra cash, and really nothing bothers him, and he is the only one that has earned the right to calling the rest of us stupid that he reckons.

And he claims that among all, he is only one getting the full monty, not shackled by worries.

And lastly it is my turn) Worry about not having enough saved for children's education, kind of fearful of the same malaise faced by my Buddy A, (What should i do, if that happens to me), worry of not having quality sleep.

I guess life sure has its ups and downs, it is just that men above 40 tend to get more, and i try not to worry too much, trying to feel blessed to what i already have, and try to spread a little bit of love around, and try to blog a little bit more often.

When i hit my fifty, i want to look like this guy, Miu Kiu Wai in the 50'S, i picked my choice because all of us had to name a celebrity that we would want ourselves to be when we hit 50.
P/S; As age catches up on me, i hope to look a little more hunkier. God Bless Me


  1. non of u guys fancy to get a sports car? i tot that is the first thing a middle aged guy will do! ur buddy A kesian betui.. not pity him, but i pity his WIFE!!!!
    Buddy B, biasa lah.. happens to all of us regardless of age..

    n you.. if u ever go bald, dun worry, u did it once n look good in it, so why worry? ;P

  2. cheer up :) i am sure u will look good at 50s and beyond, stay young at heart :)

    oh btw, u were asking me abt my post the other day, yes that is a paid review, u can check out these sites:


  3. most men say life begins at 40....lolz. i'm now in my early 30s, and even i have worries like yourself. to begin with, my wife is due in october...not sure if i have enuff to support my 1st child. worry about paying my dues eg car, house, have to worry about my pup too :) but all in all, i believe God had it all written for us, whether good or bad, we have to brace it. take it as a challenge. i pity your last buddy. to me, he has no life even though he thinks whoring around gives him pleasure. mommy's boy, i suppose.

  4. Ha hA Ha, looks like my friends are going through almost the same crisis too. Just like the global financial sector now! LOL

  5. LOL, don't worry, i think you'll look great with that ever-wide smile on your face :)

  6. *sigh* I have my share of problems regarding to middle age. My mom will hit 50 this year, I can't relate with her at all these days. Communication attempted with her will turn out to be disastrous, and she just seems SOOOOO negative, as if she'll die the next hour, and been mixing with fucking desperate bitchy housewives who have shallow mindset. *SIGH*

    Men are not the only ones who faced problems. I guess women do too!

    ps: I wanna look like the late Audrey Hepburn when I'm older. She rocks!

  7. having the same problem too, but i guess Calvin's right, we just got to take it as a challenge.

    good luck and God bless me too :D

  8. dont worry..u can get thru more and your worries will gone..^^

  9. Haha, accept the fact of aging and lead a gaity life.