Friday, January 09, 2009

Your encouragement is needed here...seriously

Hi guys, if you are reading this now,please do me a little favour, i need a favour from you. Please go to my wonderful son's blog at and leave some words of encouragements in his comment box. I am sensing that he is feeling the heat of his exam.

I really want him to enjoy his study

thank you very much

P/S: Kind words can indeed make a lot of difference


  1. HI Eugene.. i think u r over-worried about yr boy more than he does, but then that is rather common among parents..sometimes we r the ones biting our finger nails off.. the way he writes, he is smart, i m sure he gets what he deserves..ok i will comment later in his blog, i wanna read more when i get home..
    oh, about this blogging money thingy, i told u before, when u r free, lets sit down and talk it over.. haha.. just joking..
    i checked yr PR ranking, not bad. u can get opps easily..

  2. Done that eugene. all young boys need is just a little motivation :)

  3. Don't worry eugene...dia stress je kot...

    nanti ok laa tu

    :) peace

  4. after going through his blog, i think bro, your son's a smart boy.

    i'm sure he'll get through UPSR with flying colours.

  5. Dear Eugene,

    I read your son's blog with some sadness and nostalgia. For a young boy who's not even in his teens to so forcefully vent his frustrations at a public exam is an indication that something is really wrong with our education system.

    As an educator myself, I feel his anger and frustration in this exam-oriented world. It would be nice if students did not have to take an exam but instead are judged based on the skills that they can perform. Sadly, this isn't happening - and will never happen any time soon. Each time I see my students, they get so stressed, and they'd blog to with their "colourful" four-letter words to de-stress; my colleagues would also be stressed because bad results in the exam means "bad teachers".

    As a result of our education system, every parent pressures their children to score more A's than anyone else, thus driving some students (and teachers) to sanity. But then, this is all part of the system which you and I cannot change.

    Students would start enjoying school again when they don't have to worry about scoring A's, and when parents don't keep forcing them to study just to get the maximum number of A's to compete for places in the best schools, and to elevate their social status.

    You've been a model father. In fact, it's the first time I see a father blogging to his son in his son's blog. That's really unique :)

    Keep blogging and keep us all updated. Hope your son feels better after a while.