Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Love You Mom

In fact my mother is not as strong as she used to be,there is no denying it for she is already 70+, and it is most regretful that at this point of her life,she still has to worry for everyone of us. As the matriach, she might appear to be happy outside,but deep inside me,i know she is not.

Via this blog, i would like to call upon particularly one sister of mine who might happen to read my blog (the one that has severed tie with her),please make her happy with the remaining years of her life. There is no mistake that this old lady made could be so detrimental that drove you to say that you depise her so much.................

My mother and I, for every minute that ticks away,i want you to know that i love you dearly

If she could turn back the time, she would rather shut up and refrain herself from making comments that would incense you, but being a mother she was worried about you,she has lost sleep for you, she has looked out the window every night praying to her god that you would be happy, all she really wanted was for you to have a good life. Untill now, she is still blaming herself for the things that she did that angered you.

Seriously it breaks my heart to see that this old mother of mine still has to worry so much for in return what she is getting is all the misunderstanding and the scorn directing at her.

I know one thing for sure, she will be even sadder inside this coming Chinese New Year, she knows that one of her favourite daughters will not come to visit her, this year might be the saddest Chinese New Year for her, she doest not have to say it, i know for she is my mother.
For any parents,nothing will be more valuable that having all of her children and grand children sitting down over a meal. She would not trade this for anything not even a million dollar if she could have this come through for her.

Just a note to all my siblings (one brother,three sisters), remember those days when our mother would struggle to keep every single cents for our sake, why she refused to get remarried after dad has passed on (so she could really look after us), why she took two buses to work at night (so that she could earn extra) and there were so many things that we wrong(ed) her before.

Remember those times when we were in troubles,financially or other forms, she was the first one to come to our rescue without asking for any return. I know this old lady might not be the perfect mother of all time so to speak, but she is simply our mother who still cares for us, so let us make her happy for the remaining hours,minutes or even seconds of her life.

Love her and love her more when we still have time to do it before the time runs out on her, as for me from this time forth,i just want her to know that she has a son that loves her affectionately.

Seriously, if she were to be given a choice to for one reason in her life, that would still be for her to see all of her children, grandchildren to be happy, and she would still extend her hand should anyone of us needs her help, she would still starve herself in order to feed us and she would even surrender herself so that we could be well. So why cant we just do one simple little thing for her, that's to make her happy, sincerely happy

P/S, Mother i love you and i just want you to be happy, seriously.

Sunday 6.30pm


  1. what a well-written blog! Hope your sis will visit your mum during this CNY!

  2. *sigh* tell this to ur sis... "Retribution will come without fail". She can do this to your mom, one day, her children may do the same to her. trust me on's just a matter of time.

  3. i do hate my mum when she did so many things which upset me. but, the hate feeling gone when i think about it the other way because i know she's doing all for my good.

    btw eugene, aunty looks young despite her age.

  4. I hope your mum will read this particular post of yours Eugene. We always have misunderstanding with our Mum but the bottomline remains. A mum is a mum.

    And when they approach their golden years, I agree with you. They don't deserve any worries and heartaches. Let them have peace of mind and joy they deserve on this limited time they have on earth.

  5. Forgiveness ... is it easy?
    Will take a lot of effort, but not impossible.
    Keep up your part though.

  6. will keep u in my prayers, that your family will find reconciliation & forgiveness... =)

  7. Dear godbro, I hope that your sister will forgive you mom after she reads your blog. And that she will come visit this CNY. Afterall, blood is thicker than water.

  8. savor the moments in life now, for it would soon pass....someone said to me. and it is so, so true. no love in this world is stronger than the love of a mother towards her children. there's no denying to that. there will be of no use to cry over spilled milk when one day she's not around. i'm constantly praying for you and your family bro.....

  9. 70 is still young dude! :) There'll be many more wonderful years to come for her!

  10. Oh my...
    Your mom will be proud of you...
    She have a good son...
    ..and to your sister, I just hope that she realized what she did..

    Take care Uncle!

  11. Yeah, remember to pray for her each nite... May God soften her heart , a mother is still a matter how hard they can be... i m still learning to be one.. will never end learning...

  12. am addressing this comment for your sister bro. just have to post it here.

    i do agree with what cleffairy wrote in her comment. our mothers sometimes do things we may never understand why they had to do it. right or wrong, they gotta do what they have and ought to do. its hard to raise 5 children with a husband around, yet she raised all of you singlehandedly! it takes alot to do that... effort, patience, perseverance, wisdom, a lot of sacrifices. these are but a few of the virtues she needed to possess and learned to possess in order to raise all of you. and there's one more... she had to carry you in her womb for nine months and brought you out into this world with her own life on the line. for that alone, we should be eternally grateful. i just hope and pray that when the time comes for you to ask her forgiveness, she would still be around to forgive and bless you. which i think she has already done.

    p/s: nice post bro. reminds me so much of my own relationship with my mom. will pray for you and your family my friend. ciao!