Monday, August 04, 2008

CHINA.... you made me proud

Irrespective if you are Malaysian Chinese, Indonesian Chinese or whatever"sian" Chinese, so long you are Chinese, we should be very very proud, the world is looking at us now.
Since China open her door to the world during the reign of Deng Xio Ping, it seems that there's nothing stopping China, how she thrived during those tumultous years untill now, the world is at her calling, and the progress she has made is truly remarkable and some are even unbelievable.

Come 8th of August 2008. Beijing will be the centre of attention of the world when The Olympic unveils itself there. The dragon will be in its full swing, the moments of truth shall be tested. The world will see for herself the tenacity of the Chinese people to overcome the insurmoutable tasks to bring the 2008 Beijing Olympic to its full glory.

I was in awe when i watched the documentary from Discovery Channel depicting the mammoth buildings that the China government has constructed to accomodate the Olympic, the main stadium the Birds Nest which occupies 332 meter floor space from one end to the other, and towering the height of 27 storey building. the Beijing Aquatic Centre is another awesome project, when the lights are lit up, you will sure be awestruck.

There is nothing i want to do except to glue myself to the TV set to witness the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic and holler i am truly proud to have Chinese blood in me.

P/S. please pray hard that it will not rain on the 8th August 2008 in Beijing


  1. I'll pray with you :)

    I've decided that I want to go to Beijing next year to go see the Great Walls of China. It will be so awesome!

  2. Yes China made me proud too!