Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tell me about sex...please

As reported in the local English daily today (child sex clip a shocker for parents) carrying the news of young boy and girl 8 years old purportedly engaging in sex acts........

Probably as parents, most of us will sigh at how decaying our society has become, how easily our children are being poisioned, how easy accesible the porn materials are to our children. But the question is who made up this so called decaying society, i guess it is you and me, so who is to blame when our children gone wrong, it is you and me, right ?

Me as a parent, i really dont want to take sex as a taboo, because fundamentaly, it is not supposed to be a taboo. I remember when i first found out about my son's friend emailed him some porn sites, without any hesitation, i knew i have to talk to him about sex already. I needed to know why was he so curious about sex and etc.......

After which,i explained to him how different male and female organs are, and how our body changes, i remember telling him that in no way he should make fun of his friends body irrepective boy or girl.

I didnt tell him the analogy of flower and bee, i told the real stuff. i wanted him to ask me anything and seriously anything about sex, i assured him there will be more questions and doubts about sex as he grows up, and i guatanteed him that i shall do my best to explain everything to him.

Please let our children have the correct avenues to fullfill their curiousity, and sexual curiousity is definately one of them. Please let us teach them the right things about sex instead of someone else teaching wrong thing about sex.

P/S.. sometimes children can be genuinely curious, therefor we must be genuine open


  1. That is so true Eugene. And it's better that your son is learning from you than from others, particularly from his age group who might instill in him a misconception of what sex is. It is significant to give children an insight what sex really is - that it is a Beautiful and Sacred gift from God.

    And by the way, regarding that sex video of chilren doing it, that is more shocking news than what I posted! Hehe. But seriously. It is also sad. What is the world coming to.

  2. sadly true and just look at magazines nowadays, the sexy cover girls are getting even younger too.

  3. i think it's really great how u communicate with ur son, and educate him...
    i dunno if i cud ever be that kind of parent, haha

  4. tats y i dun dare 2 hav kids yet... dunno how to handle all these things...