Friday, June 20, 2008

I am sorry Jovial... My son

I did something terribly wrong last night, i didnt know it was wrong untill i heard it my from my wife what my eldest said about me...

My eldest was kind of dissappointed with me last night, when i told him that i would be back shortly from buying water, instead i ended up in a kopitiam(coffee shop) with friend buying me drinks chatting and marrying till late night.He told my wife that i did not keep my word, i guess i have let him down.

This incident got me thinking again, why our children could behave so nonchalantly, even disdainly when we talk to them sometimes, now i realize it could be the little fault of the parents, what we see so little can be soBig in our children's eyes. I reckon if were to talk to him last night, he could have given me a cold shoulder, then may be i would get mad at him, with no wrong of his.

When i see him later today, i shall give him a big hug, telling him i am sorry that i did not keep my words.

P/S, see i am a human, born to make mistakes and learning from them as well

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  1. Being a parent doesnt mean we dont make for me, i know i hv made numerous while bringin my kids up... we learn along the way.. phases of parenthood... sigh...