Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do we care?

So they say they have the irreconcilible differences, they want to call it quit, that's fine.
So they say they dont want to suffer anymore, they want divorce, that's fine too.
So they say, going the separate way is the best option, that's also fine.

What is not fine, is who are going to be responsibe about what the children's say, what about their feelings, their emotion, their pressure, their emotion needs, their sorrow, their confusion, their doubts, their anger, their questions and their ego.

Most of the times, when a marriage goes ugly, the warring couples start to get bitter at each other, that's when the children suffer the most, if it is the amicable ending, then the damage is minimun. In my opinion, for any divorce,there bound to be impact on the children, it is only the degree that makes the difference.

I have 1 niece and 2 nephews who are now embroiled in the mess from their parents divorce, it really angers me when the parent think that things can still be status quo, that their lives will still be the same for the children. I told my sister these can only be wishful thinking.

Superficially, the parent believe that the children understood their predicament, who else should understand them instead?

Their children could be suffering in silence do they care ? Do they foresee the stigma that would stay with them through thier growing years.Do they care ?

When children cannot find happiness in their own homes, then they will find it elsewhere. It is the Elsewhere that spells danger, it is the Elsewhere that the children get lost, it is the Elsewhere that they find their so called "solace or santuary".

Whenever i look at a problematic or a dissolute child, i know deep inside me it is not his fault to be like this. Once he longed to be loved, he couldnt find any, once he longed to be hugged he couldnt find any either, once he longed to be told that someone loved him but that seemed so far fetched.

P/S, Children need our hugs and kisses more than PS2 3 or 4

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  1. not every adults think like u thinks..haihhh..worlds is full of problem.