Monday, July 13, 2015

18 and the heat is on.

Jovial didn't do quite well in his SPM, (that's what he conceded), a few As and string of B+ to me is all right but I know he was kind of disappointed at it.

Unofficial post mortem was done, he recognized his short comings and mistakes and I asked him if he wanted to pick a course and enroll into a college, he declined. He said he wanted to strut it out again through six forms.

I could see the tenacity in him and the seriousness in him in his study, I don't have to remind me to study,like what I did during his form 5 year, this I am happy for him, the attitude side of it is important.

He feels the pressure and for the first time in his schooling years, he asked for extra tuition classes which we gladly agreed.

I just pray that he will stay healthy and do all that he knows best as far as books and exams are concerned.

P/S : Keep it up son


  1. Hey! Havent been here in awhile! How u doing? :)
    And Jovial is all grown up I see! How time flies. Im sure he will do fine in life from here on after, he's a bright kid.

  2. Let him do what he loves. No point doing something that he has no passion for. These days, even uni grads can't find a job. Many go into the food business and are doing well. Of course, there must be the passion. May the good Lord guide him in whatever he does and help him to do well. God bless, all.

  3. You have very good kids! Of course, you and your wife are great parents!

  4. Hi bro. Big boy now and I am sure he would know what is best of him. On top of that, you and your better half is always there to guide him. Sorry ya..have been missing in blogging for quite awhile since it is very difficult to access blogspot even with paid VPN in China. ..... We will be keeping touch.

  5. Didn't know you are back to blogging till I curiously click on your blog. hahaha.. wow, Jovial is so big now , time really flies! I think he did well and most importantly, EQ is more important than IQ. Bring him out for a run and some recreation. Have some balance.

  6. Good support from the parent, I think he will be ok. As long as he knows his parent are behind him,he will do his best. Some parents put too much pressure on their children and things turn out for the worst in the end.

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