Friday, January 03, 2014

The school day blues

So, it was about 6.32 pm, I said to myself that I should stop running cos I wanted to wait for Marvell at the bus stop as he came back from school and I wanted to walk with him to the house after all it was his first day in secondary form.

As I waited and waited, there was not a slightest sight of his school bus and when I thought it was okay being the first day of school, the confusion, the waiting and what not then I continued to wait and waited I did.

Suddenly the sky was slowly being enveloped by darkness, took a check on my watch, it was close to 7.25pm and it began to drizzle yet there was still no sign of his school bus, how could it be?it was only less than a 3 KM distance from my house to his school.

Quickly, I ran back home and yes Marvell did call home, he said he and his friend missed the school bus and his friend quickly called his auntie to fetch them home.

The sad thing was, the school bus driver did not even call me to inform me that my son missed the bus and so when I called him, he had the gut to blame my son and his friend for being "dumb" to have missed the bus.

After so much thought and some other arrangements, I managed to "ditch" the bus driver and with some cooperation from Marvell's friend parents, we decided to pull our resources together  and put the pain behind and move one.

P/S : Thank God for everything


  1. I can understand the anxiety you experienced.... Hope all is fine now... Go for car pool...

  2. Glad all was ok with Marvel, praise the Lord. Sigh!!!! I guess all parents go through the same thing all the time. Take care, all...and God bless. Happy 2014!

  3. hmm.. anyways best of luck..

    Happy New Year.
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  4. My kid also encountered once before when he just attended school in his first week. However, the bus Uncle was apologetic and felt bad.

  5. Every parents' nightmare! But i remember when I used school bus to school, all the drivers has been veey understabding. They will wait if you wake up late or finish class later. But of course they have time limit as there are other kids to consider. But i never mss my buses and if the driver was late etc, he will call.

  6. Thank god that you have better option than taking his bus. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, Eugene.

  7. nice to see you ditch this rather irresponsible bus driver. Btw happy new year bro!