Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A cancer patient,a reunion dinner and a Insurance agent

It is almost customary that once a year, my former primarily classmates would come together for a reunion dinner for we have been friends for as long as 40 years now...

So, this year the reunion dinner was held on the 4th day of CNY, I have always looked forward to such a meaningful dinner but sadly this year's dinner was nothing much but about "product promotion" and I unintentionally heard that one of my former classmates was in way got "turned off" by this long winding "product promotion" and threaten not to attend such event again.

Personally I took the blame for getting the ball rolling for this "product promotion" out of my good intention and care for a good old friend. So, I started asking one friend about his wife's cancer status and he said he was not so sanguine about the recovery.

Coincidentally, 3 of my old classmates were involved in same direct selling company and there were in the same so called "organisation" with one classmate as the head recruiter and the other two were under him that promotes one kind of "treatment" that they claimed could "heal" cancer and my poor friend started to receive the "bombardment" from these guys.

My friend tried to justify that he had indeed tried so many so called "direct selling" products but to no avail and at certain point of the conversation, another classmate (who is one of that 3) was kind of challenging my friend that he had photographic "proof" that his direct selling company product had indeed healed some cancer patients.

I felt kind of bad about it cos I started the ball rolling then subtly I raised my voice a bit and I said across the table and reminded my friends that we were here for a "reunion" dinner to show concern and to lend our support to our friend who happens to be a "care giver" for his cancer wife, I told them that it was not easy to be a "care giver"

I really don't mind about my friend being zealous about their so called "direct selling product" but the promotion must be done in a right timing and out of good intention.......

It was not the end yet,another friend (one of the 3) was bluntly asking another old classmate (who is an insurance agent) these questions,,, how long has she been in insurance business and how much can she earn now, I know they could make thousands upon thousands of dollar a month but to put someone in the "spot" is so unbecoming.

I got mad at it and I angrily albeit jokingly told my friend that "money is not everything lah" and I was doing the best that I could even to be someone that they could make fun of,just to make sure that "old friendship of 40 years shall remain intact"

P/S : The intention must be good lah,,,


  1. A reunion dinner with old friends should be used to reconnect and update each other their recent condition.

    We should by al means avoiding monetary and bussiness talks in reunion gathering with old friends.

  2. There will be a time when people will ask one another who has got married, how many children so and so has, what job....but eventually, at reunions, questions will change to who has died, who has what sickness... That's why I don't like to meet my old school friends. The conversation can be quite depressing.

  3. I was supposed to have a reunion in my house too but last minute, two of them couldnt make it and the whole thing was cancelled.. nowadays susah to gather up friends... hope they will organize another one after cny where everyone is more free then...

  4. This is what we called opportunist? Anyway, I like your quote, "the intention must be good lah" :)

  5. So sad your old friends gathering will turn out in this way. They took this as their opportunity but ruin the gathering.

  6. The moment of "Reunion Dinner" purportedly to be so delightful and meanningful for us to gather among our friends.However the entire atmosphere will be very disappointed and appalling if we didn't treat it well.Because of the close friendship and relationship, we reunion during this festive occasion,right?? :-( We should relish ourselves during "REUNION" and definitely not like this atmosphere!!!Hai....apalah......bro!!

  7. It's good just to catch up on each other's life, drink and laugh during this kind of gathering, hehe.

  8. I also find that "MONEY" often caused disputes amongst friends so better keep it off the conversations. It is indeed not not easy to be a real care giver. I used to help out at HOSPICE KL for many years too.

  9. Luckily my CNY gathering with my old classmates didn't not involve direct sales and money although few of us are having great success in direct sales. Nothing more important than family and friendships