Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lest us forget

Admittedly,I have quarreled with my dear mother for umpteen times but the cause of our quarreling has never been because of my children, so it incensed me the other day when I saw a scene.

The son was harsh with words aimed at his father.when his old man was trying to feed his grandson the icy Coke, the son was raising his voice,oblivious to other patrons in the coffee shop,he went something like this.

" Pa, how many times must I tell you not to let Gavin( I guess this is how it is spelled) take cold drinks ma", the old man was feeling uneasy,then he said," just a little bit ma, all little children want some coke sometimes ma"

At this time,the little Gavin was making a lot of fuss for being refused of the coke, and his dad was agitated then he shot back at his old man again,"See now Pa, if you didn't let him drink the coke,he would not be so restless already"

The old man kind of knowing that the other patrons were paying attention to them,then softly he said to his grandson in the attempt of courting no further wrath from his own son,'Okay lah, Kung Kung(grandpa) will not give you the coke anymore"Period

You see,life is so funny, the son has surely forgotten that once when he was small, his parents were "pampering" him too, were "giving in" to his requests too but why can't the son let the old man "giving in " to his grandson for a little while.

Why should the son, raising his voice at his old man for "manja'ing " his grandson in public? I bet surely he had forgotten that "He was once pampered" before.

送你一首风飞飞的 “心肝宝贝“

P/S : We were someone's child once, we are someone's parent now but we will always be someone's child


  1. It's normal for the parents to be kan cheong for their kids, but that man should not raise his voice to his own father in public...

  2. Maybe he is kancheong cos his son cannot take cold drinks.. nowadays parents overprotective one.. but as Hayley said, dont shout in public unless he wanted attention or perhaps he was too kancheong that he didnt realize he was talking too loud..

  3. Haha it's normal 2 generation quarrel due to parenting & children issue. Somehow I find some grandparent over pampering their grandchildren. Hmm really need to give face to the old man not to shout in public. How would the grandchild respect his grandpa while his dad shouting at his father.

  4. My old father who is well provided and had a colourful life yet still suffers from old age depressions. He started to behave like how you described about the old man and my brother often behaved like that rotten son. This trend has become like a common but unacceptable matter.

  5. Tolerance & awareness is not practiced by the son. What goes around comes around, that's the universal law as children pick up things pretty fast.

  6. Hi, whatever he is nt satisfied about,just go near the old man and whisper softly.malula dia in pblic being critised by his own son.coke memang bahaya.semua org tau, apa lagi for small kids.tapi as educated yng generation go tactful la..kesian org tua what Bananaz said, wat goes around comes around..nanti jgn bila anak dia besar dia pulak kena maki dpan org.malukan?
    tq for smthg to ponder about.have a nice day friend.

  7. Correcting is not a reason to be disrespectful.. He is still his dad after all.. If he doesn't like what he is doing shouting at him in public is definitely not the last result tsk tsk

  8. I agree with Bananaz, one day his son will yell back at him just like how he scolded his own dad. This son will sure see himself in his own son very soon.

  9. no matter how furious we felt upon our parent, we must not raised our voice toward the elderly in public which is so deplorable uneducated.This reflected out abashed attitude circuitously.I remembered one of clause from The Ten Commandment of God's is "Respect and Honour our parent with our heart" which Lord want us to follow pompously.Hopefully the son will repent heartily upon the mistake he had done. :-(