Monday, October 22, 2012

Mat Rempit... please bust them

I was reading this piece of news yesterday,of how two youngsters were rounded up by a group of about 200     "Mat Rempit", having their car almost "destroyed" and suffered some bodily injuries, just because the victims were trying to avoid a collision with the "Mat Rempit" .

Every time I read this kind of news, I get really pissed off with our police, I don't understand it,why can't something be done about it? why are these 'Mat Rempit" getting more and more dangerous now and have no regards what so ever to the laws and why are good and law abiding citizens like you and me be at the mercy of these Mat Rempits ?

There are a few blocks of apartments near where I stay,(less than 1km in radius), those apartments are the "police quarters" and everyday one can see those sons and daughters of the policemen.blatantly breaking the laws,( riding their bikes with no helmets, traversing the roads with no regards to the traffic rules),riding at hellish speed, they just don't give a damn.

There are times,when I try to hoot them at their "wrong doing", they will just show you some "middle fingers" or they will kind of giving you the "hostile stares" Sometimes I really wish all these "Mat Rempit" will get themselves hurt,instead of others and I wish the parents of those "Mat Rempit" can help to "rehabilitate" their sons or daughters.

The funny part is,these 'Mat Rempits" can really intimidate you,if you have any untoward encounter with them, you might be 100 % right, those " Mat Rempit" can be 100 % wrong, you will still have to "bow down" to them.

Now can somebody please tell my why the police seems to be so inertia as far as "busting" these Mat Rempit are concerned?

Have you ever encountered with any of these ruffians?

P/S : I am sure you are as angry as I am too.....避则为吉


  1. one minister says he wants to recruit these ruffians to combat crime leh. Is'nt that funny?

  2. WTF..I hate road bullied too. I hope Authorities can do something for the sake of other road users..

  3. well.. a change is desperately needed... in change of mindset, teachings and etc...

  4. Really pissed off seeing the photo, a car been 'destroyed' like this. I met some mat rampit before doing stunt on the road. When the "superman" fell off from his motorbike, no one will help him. Some car wind down their car window and show him a "pandan muka" hand sign when passed by.

  5. I try to avoid Mat Rempit at all cost. No eye see them.

  6. Really speechless bout mat rempit. Dont know why they enjoy their stupid acts so much??

  7. These are just younsters who think they are cool at what they are doing. The older and more sophisticated ones are in politic, breaking laws, corruption..making witness disappeared.