Thursday, July 05, 2012

Memory lane................

Someone about 20 years my senior was sharing his fond childhood memories with me, I was mesmerised by all that he shared, I could sense those feeling of nostalgic and happiness and I was being transported to those childhood of his too cos some of time coincided a little here and there with mine.

I want to dedicate these few days until let say next Monday for those who happen to drop by my blog to open up and share those beautiful childhood memories of yours with each and everyone of us,let us be reminded that we could be poor then but we were damn happy.

Let me start with mine.I was growing up in a low cost flat,there was no house phone,only some public phones near when I stayed and so happened there was one public phone right below me,I was staying on the second floor.

 My papa was poor then,no motorbike,only an old bicycle but my papa would always when he had a little money to spare to take me out for some good food and the way he did would always be the same.

 So he was in town,(when he made a little extra)no house phone,no problem,he would call via the public phone(the one below me)and back then,there were always two lift attendants,one called Ah Hing,the other Ah Sam and depending on which one picked up my father's call and this I remember. One of them would call out," Ah Leong, Ah Leong (they called me Ah Leong,no glamor name like Eugene back then,hahahahahh)and every time hearing this call,I would jump up and be exuberant for I know my papa would take me out for some good food.

 I would rush down to answer my Papa's call,arrangement made,I would take a bus down to town,meeting up with him,viola I was happy. Every time when we were done eating good food,my father would saddle me up on his bicycle,he would cycle me back,we would meander through cemetery paths and he would always talk to me along the way,,, seriously I remember this.

 Man I wish my old man was still here,that I would hug him and telling him "papa,thank you for the sweet memories" I am done with mine,let's hear yours ya

 P/S : Seriously sweet dreams are made of this


  1. You are such a good son today and your papa should be proud of you. Your story is so humble and touching ...... (pass me tissues....)

  2. I could guess that you lived in Rifle Range area which has a cemetery. Perhaps we had crossed paths along the cemetery too!

  3. Bro, you are a strong man and I know that you had gone through the hard times.
    I don't have those tough story like yours and I am kinda more fortunate than you.
    My dad still around and I do drink some beers with him when I go back...

  4. My papa was the traditional father - a businessman,leaving home early in the morning, back for lunch and off again and coming home in the evening. He provided for the family's financial needs...but emotionally, not much. He would just sit there - did nothing, said nothing...and we would be scared out of our wits and did not dare to make a sound... I guess that is why I have always been closer to my mum.

  5. My father held two jobs when we were young... daytime he worked in the shop and night time, he did accounts for a transport company... bringing up 6 kids is no joke! when he was not working at night, he would take us for supper...those days road side stalls were very tasty! i guess we were very blessed those days bec we spent more time with our parents...

  6. Your father should be proud of you....

    Have a great Friday!

  7. That's one sweet memories from your father. I guess my father is just like what suituapui described, but now my father already in his 70s and the way he played with his grandsons really puzzled me, just like little child :)

  8. Papas show their love through food. I've always believed in that. I waited patiently for papa to buy supper for me when he is off work at night. We had only one vespa and going to the movies was a treat. We'd take turns riding on the vespa and walking till we reached the cinema.

  9. My papa is a buyer in a tin mining company, a place where he meet and fall in love with my mum. Soon after the tin mining business deteriorate, and closed down, he have no choice but to work as a lorry driver, to support our family of 5. His lorry will fetch anything requested by customer including chicken manure used to feed tilapias. He will come home everyday with a horrible smell, but it was this smell who gives me the encouragement to strive in my studies. He has always told me, study well my son, you are the eldest in the family and you need to set a very good example to your brothers. These words still rings in my ears until today.