Wednesday, July 25, 2012


How could a 24 years old former PhD candidate in neuroscience commit such a heinous act in "killing" 15 people and injured dozens others and he claimed himself  to be"Joker" from Batman movie.....

I was livid when I read the news about the massacre, a fictitious "Joker" was brought to real life in the form of  James Holmes (the alleged Colorado killer).

I remember watching my first Batman show and with Jack Nicholson playing out the role of "Joker"  and I hated that role,albeit the splendid performance by Jack Nicholson (one of my all time fav actors), the wickedness of Joker,his smartness in manipulation and his dwelling in darkness was out brought out in the Colorado Massacre.

The question again how could a bright 24 years old did one of the worst mass-shooting in US history, he was brought up in a mid upper class home, went to a "elite" school when he was small...............highly educated.

When I read about the news on line, this James Holmes suffered a twisted personalities akin to the fictitious "Joker" ,he became cynical and he hated the so called "all the rights" in the common society.

I am afraid that this might not be the end of a real "Joker" and I am fearful that how many "Jokers" are still obliviously out there,waiting to hunt down and kill Batman (s)

May be it has got something to do with our society, the unfairness, the rot of of right thinking,the unkind standards that this society labels you, the loss of compassion in the many of us, the crazy competitions among fellow humans, the decay of our morality or may be that GOD had been "unGodded" .

I am sure this "weird" thinking (to the extend of mass killing) did not manifest over nights, it might have been brewing for a long time until the brewing is pushed through the bottle neck and that's when the unthinkable or the unfathomable happens.

Seriously speaking, let us love our little ones, keep them safe, instil in them Godly values and try out best to make them better..................

P/S : No more Joker please...


  1. so sorry to hear this new too.. and I agree, there are more of these 'jokers' around..

  2. Stress. Pressures in life. Getting worse. More and more people are cracking up... Must relax, take it easy and pray to God for His blessing & guidance! The serenity prayer is a good one to remember and follow.

  3. frightening things are happening all over the globe..

  4. I was shocked when I heard about this news.. Movies these days are quite 'dangerous' too.. People or even kids learn so much from it, be it good things or bad... =_=

  5. too much influence by the show..
    my mum call me and told me not to go to watch those premiere show .. there are lots of carzy people out there...

  6. Ive seen the news... he is such a freak.. prolly on drugs or something...
    Now the movie sale is also affected...

  7. Treasure our love one, treasure our life too. A Taiwanese celebrity couple organize a programs call Love Life. Wanna share with those feel blue and hopeless. A short clip that might help and wake them.

    "If life can be exchange, will you exchange with me." A young critical illness patient asked this.

  8. i read about that too....scary. No where is safe.

  9. America is so huge a country and guns are freely available! If our country allows guns and weapons, I shudder to imagine what will happen. The world is getting sick everywhere from freak weathers to financial crises and wars. It will be a tough battle to educate human beings.

  10. The world is getting more and more insane.. as in our country too.. sigh..

  11. jealousy perhaps . . . jealousy kill the positive attitude inside this young man :(

  12. So sad that Holmes was bright enough to be twisted in this psychoatic manner.

    I think deep down, he's a disturb child when he was young which reminds me like Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

  13. He is of not right mind. Too much studies make his mind goes crazy and he cannot differentiate what is right and wrong, real and fiction. Sigh! My heart goes to those innocent victims.

  14. No one in his right mind will commit such a crime. He is a sick kid.

  15. Hi Eugene,

    Looks like you are very busy and in such a great way, in your life and blogging too.

    It is very sad but again, nowadays, there are so many kind of "sickness" and sickening stuffs. Unbelievable or Unimaginable. So sad. He is DEVIL himself.

    take care now.