Monday, June 25, 2012

A wedding, a few tales and a great fun................

Last Saturday (23rd of June 2012) I attended a wedding dinner, a wedding dinner which I think the best that I've attended so far,not because of the foods(so so only), the place,(less than desirable) , it was the best simply because there were tales to be told from this wedding.

Tales of  happiness,sadness,regrets,selfishness and forgiveness.... Let me begin with happiness and forgiveness..................It was a wedding of my cousin,(my mom's sister's son, Thomas is his name)..You see,my mom was not really on talking term with my aunt but surprisingly, from this wedding, I could see all of them forging so well as real brother (my uncle) and my aunt, then I heard my uncle (my mom's bro) saying this...

" We are so old already and my days are already numbered, I am so happy that I can still live to attend my nephew's wedding some more, all those long time unhappiness, just forgive and forget lah" Period. That's what he told me and that's what I believe.

Now on the contrary, it was to me a wedding that still laced with a little bit of sadness.Thomas (my cousin,the groom) went to his only brother house to invite his ONLY brother to his wedding last week but he was shut out. It was a misunderstanding between them years ago but his older brother still chose not to forgive... I know the both of them but to me could it be so hard to forgive and live on with our fresh and blood?

Okay, this one really gets to my nerves about selfishness. When I asked my brother if he was going to attend Thomas' wedding, he said this to me." I cannot eat those food lah (he just recovered from the C), so no point I go lah." I was furious with him,then I said," Bro, remember Thomas' mother, your aunt treated you so well, when you were younger, how can you not attend her son's wedding just because of the foods?" .............You know I just hate selfish people.

I was so happy to meet up with my another cousin,after so many years (he said he could not recognize me but that does matter, we are still cousin)
I really don't mind, gracing the stage with a song and make a crown out of myself, simply because how many cousin's wedding is there left for me to attend, right?

The best wedding I attended so far,simply because it was a meet up and catch up time with my other cousins as well, I could still remember I used to play in their padi field when I was like 11 or 12 years old)

May God bless you Thomas and his lovely wife and I hope one day your brother will just forgive and forget...

P/S : Now I know, to live a life without regrets is better than those money in the bank



  1. Yo bro...Life is simply too short to dwell in bitterness. A hardened heart does nothing but zap the good years left of our short and fragile life, which should be lived in full, filled with fun, love and without regrets, just as HE has intended it to be for us...

  2. One of life's difficult lessons - letting go of the baggage on the back. It basically boils down to the ego. If more people were to let go of that undesirable part of life, there would surely be less conflict between persons and nations.

    I do agree that such functions do mend hearts and foster goodwill and love. That's a nice picture of you doing the dance bit. What song did you sing?

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and the lessons. Great post!

  3. Each time I attend a wedding, I make sure I got chance to mingle around.. if not, I don't think I like to attend one.. damn sianz one you know if you just sit there over the 10 courses of food presented in front of you..

  4. It's indeed a good gathering for those close relative when attending the weeding. It's wonderful occasion to catch up with each others.

  5. Don't be furious with your bro just bec he cannot attend the wedding dinner.. it is understandable why he does not want to attend, he has his own reasons... my own bro also doesn't attend such functions and we let him be..
    by the way, what song did you render during the dinner? Any video clip? :)

  6. Bro, I bet you enjoy very much..
    with a bunch of cousin and talk and talk and talk..
    of course the best thing is the Yam Sing time huh..
    I love wedding dinner too..
    where i could bump back on all my friends, relatives ....

  7. As we grow older, we see things differently. Anyhow blood is thicker than water. What is so hard not to forgive? How many more years do we have? Your uncle is wise and he is able to appreciate this truth. I have seen so many of the older generation one, by one leaving and there will come a time when it will be our turn. So we should cherish every moment and every chance we have when meeting up with our loved ones. I hope Thomas' brother will see the light one day and forgive and make up.

  8. Wedding is the best time to bring family together. I am glad that your mom forgave her sister, I do hope that Thomas' brother will forgive him one day.

  9. really had a good time!!

  10. Goodness! My comments went missing. I thought I offended you. What did did I write?

    I said something like you and me have same thoughts! Lol...

  11. well, just because of the food huh . . . well I hardly get chance to attend wedding these days. I dun mind if actually some people going to invite me or not. So what I mean was people should really appreciate that get invitation of wedding dinner lol

  12. Reading this post, I start wondering whether my big brother will attend my second brother's wed this year end. My big brother too has conflict with our whole family. Sigh! I wish that he won't attend like Thomas's brother, I don't know how should we react to him. Sigh!