Monday, May 21, 2012

Thanks dear..................

There was once, she came up to my office,as she wanted to buy something from me.
There was once, she asked if I was Marvell's father cos she used to teach in a kindy where Marvell was once attending.
There was once, she said she used to call me,"uncle Eugene" cos there was once many years ago,I thought her in the "children church" in FGA (Khaw Sim Bee road)

Last week, I posted a message in my Facebook, inviting friends to give me suggestion to which hotel that I should go cos I wanted to bring my family for a holiday in Langkawi.

I remember very vividly, towards the evening, as I came back from my run, I saw some missed calls with an identical number, I called back, it was Adelyn Khoo.(The girl or the lady 'now that she is married with two wonderful children' that I once thought in the "children church")

Then Adelyn said she could help me to get some good rates from Awana Porto Malai Resort, she asked me would I be interested in that resort, I said I heard about that resort and I was okay with it and then she said she would call me back tomorrow.

You know as this juncture,I was kind of not putting so much anticipation on Adelyn that she could 'kau tim" for me, as you know there have been many times I have been so disappointed with friends making empty promises,such like,"Bro, when I come back from Singapore, i will call you" "Eugene, give me your phone number I will call you" "No worries Eugene, when I come again to Penang in December,will call you and come out and drink" and with a lot of those,'no worries' promises.

Somehow or rather, despite my suspicion, I knew that this Adelyn could be different from those "empty promises" Indeed,the next day, she called and she said she had asked her father who happens to be in Langkawi to help us to book the room, I was so excited about it and just told her what I wanted.

Then yesterday,this Adelyn called my lovely wife up again, ( I quickly told my wifey that she would call her back,cos how can I let Adelyn spend money in calling me for the favor she was doing for us,right ?).This time Adelyn said.................................. She had managed to get a much cheaper rate that she initially told us about and she even said that we could check in as early as 11 am,(that's a surprise to me cos usually guests are allowed to check in at about 2pm)

I would just like to say a big "thank you" to you Adelyn for the effort,the time and some telephone calls you made to us.......May be I was your teacher once in the 'children church" but this time around you have taught me a great lesson of what a true friends should be...............not just 'no worries bro" but we need to sometimes take the extra effort to show that we do care.......once again Thank You Adelyn.

Note : Minus the time that I so called thought this Adelyn once in the children church, the fact that I met her less than 4 times from the time she came up to my office.......truly appreciate it.

P/S : Adelyn thanks for reminding me that indeed,"talk is cheap"


  1. Your most welcome Eugene. If I can help other people I would be happy to if I'm able. Like you I've been given empty promises and at time being taken for granted which made loose trust at people but when I think I shouldn't be like that if I want to teach my kids to have faith in people I shouldn't think that way. So some people may say that I'm stupid in repeating the same time over again but I believe everyone deserve 3 chance in life. I believe Jesus gave us all many chance and forgave us many times why can't we do the same to others. We are all human but at least 3 times chance is given better then none.
    So don't loose faith in others given them a chance at least like me 3 chances then only forget these kind of so call friends. Enjoy your Holiday with your kids.

    1. hehehehe ..i also thought of going to Langkawi..
      so any good rates for me .. LOL..

  2. eugene .. you are fortunate to have a good friend..
    my boss always say those ppl who know how to talk is call NATO .. No Action Talk Only..
    have a good week ahead ya..

  3. efficient sangat hahaha, I am not efficient fella thou *sad* XD

  4. Very nice and helpful friend you have. Enjoy you holiday till fullest.

  5. good for you bro! now, next.. enjoy your holiday, and be home safe!

  6. Enjoy your Langkawi holiday, Eugene.

  7. Adelyn is a nice person kan..Have fun at Langkawi

  8. Eugene,
    You should have more faith in the human race. Not everybody play lips service. No doubt there are many that does, but there are still good people out there. You enjoy your family outing ya.

  9. What a nice friend... action speaks too..
    have a nice holiday, Eugene!

  10. Have a nice break.

  11. you are blessed with a good friend... we are all rich... not with money but with true wonderful friends :)

    God bless

  12. Lovely person she truly is :)