Wednesday, April 04, 2012


You know there are really things we must tell our children,no matter how tough it could be, as far as sex is concerned.... Let me share this with you, something I reckon as true,something I heard over the Traxx FM last week as shared by a personnel from Pink Triangle

There is this teen, his friends throw him a party celebrating his 21st birthday and after all the fun, his friends coax him into going for some sex fling with sex worker to holler to the world that he is the "man" now...........

I bet you would have guessed it right, he contracts AIDS from his maiden experience with a sex worker, he is 21 and he has to live his life with this dreaded disease.

I've always believed this,as a father the onus is on me to guide my boys, to furnish them with correct information and to caution them about sex and the danger of it.........

Sometimes I feel sad,when I hear parents making such comment," You think they don't know about sex meh ? they know better than us lah" I'd agree to a certain extent but we have make sure that they are well thought about it.........and I hope that I don't have to hear this from anybody,comment such like this,"so easy to get AIDS meh, if so easy striking lottery will be so easy also ma"

Now to share with you,a fundamental action one can take to prevent AIDS to a certain extent,now that everybody could be a victim.

A...................for Abstain but I believe this is rather very challenging as far as I am concerned,,(hahhahahahahah) but there are some who would,jolly good, so if you can't you have to be...

B...................for Be faithful, meaning having only one sex partner and you have to make sure that your sole sex partner is practicing likewise.

Condoms.....and if you think at some points you are suspicious,then the ultimate way is to use condoms when engaging in sexual intercourse.

Did you know that here in Malaysia,the numbers of married women contracting AIDS is superseding other categories such as sex workers and intravenous drug users and many of these married women are the "unwilling victims" therefore as a husband, we must protect our wives from AIDS.

P/S : It is better to be faithful than to be sorrowful..............


  1. But then, if it is not because of AIDS, there is even more broken families than it could be now.

    1. I like your thinking Yan, so unconventional, let me digest this ,,hahahahha

  2. AIDS one time is a death sentence... nowadays people live with it..

  3. AIDS is very scary.. Yet many people still caught it, haih...

  4. Thus, we as modern parents must share and educate our children about sex, hookers, one night stand, AIDS, childbirth and parenthood.

  5. as far as sex is concerned....

    trial and error.''

    Smooth and fair

    This place brings back memories.

    It's yummy


    Camera Phone LOL!

    Bijan knee shaking already...

    narts ecomer

  6. hello! long time no 'see' :-)

    yeah the taboo topic we are all not sure on how to approach haha.... as for now, I still have the time...

    good luck!

  7. Thanks for the ABC. Not only sex education, those drug, alcohol... ya AIDS is really scary.

    1. Ya man,, take care of our children at all cost