Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The lack of it will wreck you......

The following two pictures are the impromptu ones taken by a friend who is a "shutter bug" while I was chilling out with my lovely wife a month or so ago,he just tagged these lovely pictures to me on my Facebook a few days ago.

As I was looking at these pictures,something came to my mind and I would love to share about one thing.that's listening.

How many times,have we "the husbands" shunning our wives,telling them things like this," this is man's problem lah, you girls don't know one" or something like this," tell you, you also don't understand one lah"

You see,I've learned something from listening to our wives, may be they might not know much but if you allow yourself to listen to them,they make a lot of sense one lah.For example,I've always thought that I knew what it was like to be a papa but when I listen to my wife's opinions, baru I know I lack in so many areas.

So you better listen,when your wife tells you gambling is no good,you better listen, You can tell her that you've just won a football bet,you can even show her the results of your winnings but she will tell you,you won't be too far from losing and you better stop before you are "red carded" by her and chase you off the pitch.

When your wife tells you that she wants you to listen to her problems,you better stop whatever you are doing, shut up and listen,most of the times,she just wants to be heard,you can keep your opinions to yourself,please don't be surprised if one day she left you a note that says," I finally found someone who listens "

Don't take her for granted,if she tells you ,please don't go out too often at night, you better listen to her,don't think that you supply her enough with money is suffice,wait till you come back to find that she is gone.

The problem with men is, we always always think we are better than women, smarter than them,stronger than them but when it comes to bracing real crisis,facing life's challenging moments, we better listen to the woman,they will be more composed,more objective and more calm,believe me this is so true one because they'd gone through life's hardest moment,that's child birth,got what I mean?

So,if you want to save your marriage, listen to the wive and if you want to be a better husband,don't listen to yourself, listen to your wife too.
Note : Thanks Pneh for the nice pictures.

Thank God for my lovely wife and a pair of ears that I can learn to listen.

P/S : When you listen,you make it easier


  1. I have viewed all these nice shots at your FB. Yes, I agree that listening is important, in fact not only to our spouse, but to our children, and our loved ones, like friends and parents. Be a good listener is to understand those person that we care better.

  2. Ya, listening and accepting are important, especially in a relationship.

  3. the only way to help someone in needs is to listen. you're right :)
    nice pictures!!

  4. Yes, I saw the photos few days ago.. u were listening attentively to your wife.. lovely pics, so natural!

  5. Hear, hear! The power of listening is often underrated, more so when moms and wives speak.

    Looks like a nice place to chill. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Best wishes for a happy and better new year!

  6. Very nice photo your fren snap it. Ya 100% agreed to you, that why god give us 2 ears but 1 mouth. Be a good listener to your partner and your children too. P/S when listen to your children dun stand up high there, squat down to their height level and listen to them. cheers

  7. I don't have a wife, and don't have a girl wanted to ask me to listen to her.

    SO I listen to my mum? :P

  8. I love it that photos taken with a DSLR camera never really fails to look good ;))

    I like the first shot! Like the focused focus using the lighting and shading the unnecessary sides and corners :D

  9. True, true! I'm sure all men who read this will go hmm... while all the women who read this will nod their heads in agreement :)

    Nice shots there. Both you and your lovely wife looked so natural and sincerely listening to each other. Oh yes, happy new year to you too. May you and your family be blessed with more love, joy and good health!