Thursday, December 01, 2011

Nothing to do with the cows ?

Okay,now SHE said SHE had got nothing to do with the cows and SHE should not resign and SHE even claimed that women, wives and mothers of many would even cry with her from the "accusations"that have been aimed at her family..........(I almost threw up).

And when she said, there was loud cheers and the show of support reverberating inside the auditorium from the delegates echoing in approval to what their supremo had said,okay again, she had managed to win over the delegates but mind you,that was only inside the auditorium,,,,those of the same feathers,I mean.

What about those from the outside,people like you and me, are we convinced ? Did we get the answers that we have been waiting for from the Scandalous Cows , not a single bit,I reckon.

It was indeed akin to a sad movie,played out to cover the real "MESS", we want more than a sad movie, we want to know those who "milked" the cows for their own benefits to be brought to justice and not telling us "why should I resign cos I have got nothing to do with the cows?"

P/S : Too bad for them cos they still think that we are the imbecile fools


  1. She has to think we're all a bunch of stupid cows :-)

  2. I think we are treated like a cow coz they are milking from us!!

  3. Some of these "elite" ruling class people still think the general public can be fooled easily.
    Our infamous "Thief" Minister in Sarawak is one grand example.
    The sad thing is many rural folks who are very narrow minded still think these greedy clowns in fancy Mercedes, BMW and their wives adorned with $$$$ diamonds are demigod.
    Now is the time to kick them out.

  4. oh well... justifications gone all wrong. it's politics after all...

  5. what do you expect from such shameless people.
    In other county they would have resign voluntary in such situation. But then those umno people got skin thicker than the cow hide

  6. Cow peh cow anger is sign of fear turned inside out.