Thursday, December 22, 2011

I don't know any other ways...

I was talking on a phone in the office with a lady customer,after finish talking to her, my staff said this to me," Wa, boss you talk to lady so gentle one ka?" I said this to him back," Isn't this the way to talk to the ladies?"

I am still learning, if I want to open my mouth and speak, why don't I speak gently but off course I would sometimes "swear" at those who get on my nerves after all I am still a human fresh and bone I was made,kan?

Isn't it a nice feeling? You talk to someone nicely and chances are you will always be treated nicely in return, this I can testify.

P/S : Words can heal and words can kill


  1. I think thats very appropriate of you. We as guys should always try to act as gentlemanly possible in every aspects of our lives :)

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  2. Just talk to everyone nicely and with respect. Of course, there are always ways to deal with difficult people and situations,you have a great Xmas, bro!

  3. Of course, should show some gentlemen-ness when talking to ladies.. heheh...

  4. Your staff's remark is very funny, hahaha! He should know his boss well.

  5. That is the way to talk to anyone, except of course those who get on your nerves :)

  6. Yes agreed with you. Yesterday I just told my girl talk sweet like a candy, dun talk like pricking with sword.