Thursday, December 29, 2011

Feng Shui Tips 2012...

Okay, cut the nonsense, I am not into Feng Shui but in actual fact I was just thinking,if Feng Shui was the subject of science, then the human mind or brain must be the greatest subject of all Sciences,right?

So comes year 2012, let us send out the good vibes,thus we shall receive good tidings all year round and I'd come out with my own Tips to stay healthy,joyful and wealthy in 2012.

1)Please exercise regularly,forget about those regime of 3 times a week thingy,we can do it every day.Human are born to run

2) Please do not gossip,99 % of those gossips are none of your business,worse case scenario you will end up hurting the innocents

3) Please do not covet or jealous of others, If his wife is more butsy or sexier than yours, that's his not yours.

4)Do not gamble, your hard earned money should not be at the mercy of this vice

5)Be nice to others but do remember that sometimes you just can't be the nicest therefore please do not impress others with what you are not and with what you have not.

6)Wake up before the break of dawn,appreciate the beauty of the mornings,marvel at God's creation,sniff the morning air and hear the chirps of the birds. Remember the more you appreciate, the more you learn to appreciate. Best time to talk to God is before the break of dawn.

7)Do not worry much,like the Bible says,"Look at the birds, somehow they will find their food and the dwelling place

8)Please do not suffer in silence, talk to someone, talk to God or seek professional helps. If you are a subject to bully, harassed by your superiors. Please expose them,it is better to lose a marriage, a job, a career rather than your own life.

9)Quash the notion of," I just can't save" cos every drop indeed will make an ocean and opportunity will avail itself to those who are ready...

10) Love your family,spend time with them and it does not require money to do that. Wine,Woman and Song every night will eventually kill you.

11)Know your limit, we are not superhuman and don't try to act God,you can't please everybody and not everybody pleases you

12)Have the attitude of "Keep that change" a dollar in tipping can just make someone smile

13)Do not end the day with guilt,hard feeling and regrets therefore do not cheat on your spouse, your business partners, your friends and your customers

14)Be stupid sometimes, cos that will make you more lovable and many of us despise smart alec

15)Please do not go to church,mosques or temples to impress others, go with the heart of gratitude to worship God and God alone.

16)Forgive those who'd hurt you but don't fall for them again.

17)Don't ever ask this," So when are you getting married ?" or "When is baby coming ?" Remember this,it is none of your business and trust me you just can't be of help.

18) Don't try to convert others to your religion or faith by merely "words", "actions always speak louder than words" Respect others like how you want to be respected.

19)Don't show your pretentious concerns, when you can't even extend a tiny bit of help.

20)Keep yourself sexy and enjoy great sex . No point having great bed without great sex,right? Tell me, when is the last time you shouted,"mama mia, that was great, dear?"

P/S : Remember to say "thank you" to the little others do for you and the best part of all is I am learning and I am willing to be taught as well.


  1. the last one is something I didn't expect would be coming. u made me speechless for a while there~ hahahahahaha~

  2. Well said, bro. These are great advices to me!

  3. I already pass ALL...except the last one. Sobssss!!!!

  4. Haha what a great "fengshui tips" for 2012. Thanks for that, will try my best to pass all these.

  5. Thank you for all the feng shui tips which I agree wholly, Eugene.

  6. Tips number 1 sounds good and right for me. I am now going to the gym whenever I have time, no limit to 3 times a week regime, and I feel good. Feng Shui will work from inside out. So, we must healthy mind, soul and body, before the feng shui takes its effect. Thanks Eugene.

  7. I will try hard for #6... and yes #17... question wont help to make things happened... haha

    it will be a great 2012... i hope.

  8. I agree with most of the points, Eugene!

    Happy new year 2012!!

  9. Well said :)

    Happy New Year!!!

  10. Your fengshui tips no shadow one *bo iah eh*!!!haha. All points kow thim except last point sorry no bed sleep on floor, great mamma mia.

  11. Hahaha, your very own version of Feng Shui 2012.

    Hope you have a great 2012 ahead.

  12. Thanks for the tips. :) BTW, I like "point no. 21" (the P/S) most. ;)

  13. i like ur feng shui tips for 2012 !!
    Happy new year .. and sorry for ur brother news .... pray to the lord !!

  14. Mama mia! Those are wonderful tips!

    Happy New Year, Eugene!