Friday, November 18, 2011

The story of RM100 and the cows...........

Call me a hypocrite if you want but seriously I hated it when I went to Marvell school and collected the RM100 (you know the one Jib Jib said to help us parents to alleviate our burden for school expenses), I took it anyway because I felt the money came from the people too.

On the other side, I felt real disgusted on how some of our money is being "abused" by the cows, (you know the scandal about the National Feed-a lot Centre, (NFC) sorry it was not "feed a lot" it only feeds a few),the blatant mismanagement, the absurd excuses given and the most frustrating is that we the "people" are once again being deemed "helpless"

What is the RM100 so called allowance given to the people,when millions upon millions of people's money are being"hijacked" in broad day light and made as if that it was an innate way of managing the people's money, to abuse it.

Seriously I don't give a damn who you will vote but one thing for sure we must all vote out"corruptions" because if we do not do it,it might not just affect you and me,it will be detrimental to our sons and daughters.

Sigh, My Marvell's RM100 is now gone after buying the school stuffs already and much will be spent next year when school reopens and my Marvell told me the other day that I must be careful with the spending and to always check the prices of the purchase, now I really want to vote for Marvell to become the next PM.....

Excuse me for the Friday's rant,,, sometimes frust juga lah cos MACC says this is not their case but Beng Hock they can act,,how come so funny one?

Have a great weekend guys and God bless and and before I forget,I hope those sycophantic ministers please don't treat us like imbecile fools lah,, we got go to school and university one lah, we know black from white, we can distinguish bull shit from cow dungs juga lah

P/S : Some cows have all the luck,some cows have all the fame and some cows never get the blames


  1. I laugh at this part:

    sometimes frust juga lah cos MACC says this is not their case but Beng Hock they can act,,how come so funny one?

    Hahha oh man... GE better make some changes this time.

  2. Eugene,
    we can all rant and complain until the cow comes home , nothing is gonna happen. This time we must not buat tak tau or act indifference. we must vote those corrupted gomen out. That is the only way to save malaysia. Millions have been plunder in and they can just let the crook off the hook! Where got justice? Macc is suppose to be the anti corruption agency, but looks like they are not doing their job properly.They only act on against opposition and they are not independence that's for sure.

  3. Eugene, bravo bravo for one of your best post ever written and although I have yet to receive my RM100, I am not entirely looking forward as this is a form of bribery, pay out, cover up. If they are really sincere to aid us with stationary and uniforms, why not give out vouchers from reputable book stores (not Kedai Buku Mohd Ali)? Some people just take the money to eat, the child still end up no different when he/she should be the beneficiary.

    Like you, I will take the RM100 because it rightfully belongs to us, the people.

    Your Marvell is great, very matured thinking boy, you brought him up well, bro. : )

  4. Jovial can get too right? Nothing for my family.. I also heartbreak in a way.. to see how the money spent.. anyway.. with eyes open..

  5. Yeah, that RM10 million apartment (for the cows) in Bangsar episode and others! Disgusting, isn't it?

    No matter, enjoy your weekend.

  6. The STORY of RM100 will become hiSTORY, the cow will become forgotten story...

  7. I always blame that I was born at the wrong country and wrong time! In US, the Americans also complained a long list and I invited them to live in Malaysia Truly Asia!

    Well, well look at it as their might last attempt to save their asses! LOL
    Enjoy the RM100 on ice cream to cool your head. Ha ha

  8. I totally agree with you. They think a measly 100 bucks (which belongs to us anyway) will make me change my vote? They must be kidding.

    I wanted to just tell them to keep the money but then I realized that it's actually my money so I took it!

  9. Great post! RM100 surely can't buy my vote.

  10. RM100 is not much nowadays. ya...cant buy my vote

  11. Malaysia does not have a very effective tax collecting system as the laws are created by wealthy, "powerful ruling elite" to cheat tax and creating loop holes for themselves.
    Most govermental income are from the lowly employee EPF and Petronas.

    For our government,
    this is a very different world with internet social networks, Wikileaks and whistleblowers.

    The government is created by us,(..If our voting system can be trusted)
    so we should be able to take it down or change it peacefully.

    Many Malaysian are still stuck in the 1960s, 70s government-fearing mentality so they will still vote BN .

  12. ... I will take the $100 and donate to the Bersih movement or any "real" opposition party of our choice.

  13. It's our money anyway... Oh no, not ours...YOURS! I do not pay income tax anymore....I just receive my pension every month, paid from your money also. Terima kasih kerana membayar, ya? Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  14. I collected RM200..becos of my kids..solely for them.

  15. I just want to be a normal boy,not a PM.Plus,I don't want that stress I hate stress like everybody else