Monday, August 08, 2011

DUMC...I feel for you

"proselytisation" is the word that I wish I never learned,
Some used it to for the unknown explanations,
Crashing into a holy sanctuary really sent chills down to my spine and bones,
It is like telling me, I am wrong and deserve some kind of unjust persecution.

My church, my house, even in my room,that's my sanctity place,
Should be free from any harassment,harms and unwarranted raids,
My right to worship, my right to raise my hands in praise,
Should never be misconstrued that I try to change thy faith.

Different colors, different race and different faiths
We can co exist harmoniously,if I respect your religion and you do likewise towards my faith
Your God and my God teaches us to do good deeds,feeding the poor,the old and the frail,
So,put politics aside, let us do good, surpassing every differences for the betterment of human race.

Now that wrong has been done and weird comments have been said,
Can we all hold hands, accepting my difference and yours with sincere embrace,
We must understand, unkind actions can sometimes subject us to high stake,
Let us not destroy what we have built, by bigotry and hate.

P/S : I like Ahmad,Ah Beng and Samy too


  1. Ahmad, ah beng and samy ..... All are human beings too! That's why people ask me why don't you send ur son to Chinese school? I didn't explain much, just give them a smile. Indeed, I like my son mix around with other races... Let him learnt how to respect each other.... Now my 4yo son telling me he is fasting(puasa) in eat but drink water only....he added.

  2. True true... let's respect each other(be it culture, religion or believes) with an open heart!^^

  3. It's the politicians who want to destroy what we normal people hold and cherish.

  4. to have peace and harmony in a multiracial country, respect must exist

  5. Oh.. coincidentally, I posted this up too in my other blog.. i have been there few times cos my brother goes to this church...

  6. DUMC is a community centre, even the cafe is open on weekdays to non-Christians, and they serve pork free. So it's not unusual to see Malays eating there, even renting the facilities there. There is even a surau / prayer room for them upstairs. So, what is wrong with a multi racial community dinner held in the same premises???

    They done wrong, they can say anything they want. But we will not be caught in this political crossfire. The press release says it all, and we pray for God's justice be upon them.

  7. Your YB Lim Guan Eng was at DUMC last Sunday service, I was rushing off didn't get to say hi to him. :) Teresa Kok, Hannah Yeoh and another MP was there too.

  8. Sorry Bananaz had a slipped catch no ball what is DUMC?

  9. Sorry Bananaz had a slipped catch no ball what is DUMC?

  10. I just happened to read a novel with that word in it, and by the time i read this news, i already know what proselytisation means. Sometimes people get into action being heroic and thinking of doing a good deed unto themselves, without thinking of the consequences and who might be implicated in it. I say, this religious stuff is getting quickly out of control if we and some other responsible party do nothing about it. No one is ever above God.

  11. Respect should be for all, regardless of color, religion, and what nots.

  12. These corrupted politicians love to create trouble with religious and racial issues to frighten us... so we have to vote them to save us. This game is so old.

  13. so sick of this politician playing politics, mixing religion with politic and acting without thinking. real dumb for them for doing what they did. and so proud to apologized when they do something wrong. They better know God oppose the proud ,but give grace to the humble.

  14. Sigh... want to eat together peacefully also illegal.

  15. Absolutely agree with you. Those politicians are so greedy and evil to make unstop topics of this. Hate it hate it!!

  16. Keep the peace, spread the love.

    Btw, is JAIS a government body, semi-government of some religious association? I got the impression that the government was responsible for the raid...and that was in the state of Selangor, right?

  17. We have to continue to pray for a better and more sensible gomen or perhaps to change one