Friday, July 22, 2011

Joke of the week.....

Before I begin, I would just like to know this? would having your license expiry date coinciding with your birthday date reduce the road accidents? and now which one is more important, utilize the resources to reduce road accidents or birthday and expiry date? Now l begin.

To me this is the joke of the week, you might not agree with me but i really think this is a farce coming from our Transport Minister.

The relevant minister revealed that soon our license expiry date will coincide with the driver's birthday date, when i read the news, two things came to my mind, firstly as if the transport minister has nothing better to do or as if we Malaysian road users were okay with traffic woes and our transportation systems or secondly the gomen was such a darling that you would want to keep them for another term.

Come on when you are eligible to get your license to drive or to ride, you shall then be considered a responsible adult and the onus it on you to remember your license expiry date, if you can play Angry bird on your smart phone, i am rather sure you know how to enter your license expiry date on your "reminder" right? why should you be spoon fed?

If you forgot, you pay the fine, as simple as that...if you broke the traffic rules,you pay the summons as stipulated in the law, please don't wait for the discount but they again once a while they sure give discount one lah

Now on the hindsight, can the same ministry make my road tax expiry date to coincide with my birthday date as well? Or may be the gomen can allow me to submit my income tax return on my birthday date too,,,,,,,,,,,,how sweet the gomen can be, kan?

By the way, i hope they won't tell us that they would need millions to configure the computer programs to accommodate the new system..........

Disclaimer,the above opinion is solely of the author of this blog and in no way it represents others'.................have a great weekend and God Bless.

P/S : Some minds are wise, some minds are otherwise..............


  1. Making a mountain out of a molehill.

  2. They're so 無聊。。。Well, sometimes I think all these people have nothing right in their left brains and nothing left in their right brain.

  3. Eugene,
    that's usual la . our goman always talk without using their brain one(if they still have one ie).
    maybe they are thinking of new project can make more money right when they switch to the new system. ? if this is the case they are not dumb after all. the dumb ones are the one who put them there in the first place.

  4. because they want to pay millions to someone lah, they want to do this.

    Actually better to generate income by receiving fines than paying for this, right?

  5. It sure need millions, because the gomen isn't BERSIH.

  6. if everything expires on our birthday, i guess we definitely need to take a day off from work on our birthday.. not to celebrate, but to run up and down to get things renewed!! hahahaha, and not mentioning the wait time required, one day might not be enough~~ :p

  7. LOL@ SK's comment. Well, I don't mind which date it expires, but do you think they will give the Rakyat discount when renewing their licenses? Com'on it's our birthdays wer.... We get special treatment on our birthdays, no?

  8. That's what you get from our government staffed by imbeciles with not an ounce of grey matter up there!

    I laughed my head off when I heard this. They really don't get the picture do they? It's not renewing your driving license on time that is going to improve road safety, it's enforcement that they should look into. Sadly, they just start this operasi and that operasi and then forget about it.

    What has happened to that ban on those bright white headlights? The crackdown on tinted window? The ban on using handphones while driving? It's a simple fact of NO enforcement and yet they got time to sit and come up with 'genius' ideas like this ... siggghhhh.

  9. License expiry on my Birthday?!! Wht's the point... I can't even remember my Gregorian Birthday!:p

  10. i wouldn't like that..i would too busy then on my birthdays because of that!

  11. Maybe that particular person have memory problem gua. So the person tried to coincide everything at birthday.

    Makes me wonder if the fella's wedding anniversary, kids birth and everything also arranged to be same as that fella's birthday.

    same as you , i also say Disclaimer,the above opinion is solely of the commentor and in no way it represents others

  12. So meaning I got to renew my licence on my bday?? I'm stuck in too many bdy program wor, how ar....hahaha

  13. Goodness! I cannot imagine having to celebrate my bday in Jpj year in year out just to renew license! Every ministry will try to come up with something great or something ridiculous just to get their share of headlines... Proof they are "doing something"

  14. Good points Eugene! Really joke of the week which serve no purpose~