Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two ladies, same kind.

I am not the nicest person but i have many friends and sometimes some friends (some old, some new, some long time no see ) will really frustrate you, here sharing with you the antics of my two lady friends. Antics or bad attitude ?

(Story No 1)
I was walking to my car, ready to drive off after lunch, i saw her at a distance so as a gesture of good etiquette, i waved at her, she responded quickly and as she was waving back, she was calling me over to her side. being nice i walked towards her.

Before i could say anything to her now that we were at arm's length, she ditched out from her pouch, one kind of electronic chip slowly surfacing then she started yakking," Hey Eugene, buy this from me, this one you plaster in on your hand phone, will prevent you from cancer, now very cheap, only RM20 for one piece, you buy one for yourself,another for your wife, now they say, talk on the hand phone can get cancer, this one will save you, ok?

I am not a mean person but i can be sarcastic at times, i shot back," Actually, now my company is trading this as well, I can sell you at RM8 per piece, no joke, you want or you can be my agent?
She felt offended and i didn't care, with split second, i said my goodbye.

(Story No 2)
I was having a few drinks with my buddies last night, saw one familiar pretty girl walking our way, i was sure that i knew her. As she was walking pass us, i smiled at her then trying my luck, i said," How are you?" surprise, surprise, she reciprocated my smile then she asked," Do we know each other?"

Again i was sure i knew her, combing my memory, bingo i got the answer, i responded," Sure i know you, you know Lester ?... and you used to work in the PIT before, right?" I was then so surprised at her excitement and her compliment that i still looked blah blah blah blah.

I then asked if she was still working with PIT, she nodded but then again she said she was doing some "Financial Consultation Services" as well, i asked for her business card, she passed to me, it was insurance, now the funny part began.

I have not met this lady for like 20 years or so and now i knew that she was in insurance and i don't have problem of she asking me for an appointment to talk about her products but this girl is the first that i met that said something like this.

" Hey Eugene, i see you tomorrow and i know you can help me" subtly i said,tomorrow i would be busy, next week would be all right but then she was like kind of insistent, she said again,"you can help me, tomorrow will be good" now the truth came out, when asked why tomorrow...........

" Tomorrow is my date line to submit case and you can help me to achieve my target" Hello, hello, your date line, your problem, your target also your problem, what more i have not seen you for the pass 20 years or so,surely this will not be the nicest to do when we meet up after all these years, kan?

P/S : 人生百态...........................sigh


  1. let's just say I had 'lost' a couple of friends because of MLM, insurance and many other things that requires me to pay to them for something that I dont need and they just can't understand the word 'No'.

  2. For your story no 2, I am you sure regret for trying your luck by smiling to her. Kekekeke!

  3. LOL! I think due to your over-friendliness, you attract all kind of friends - good one, funny one, bad one, kekeke!

  4. Well...what to do....this is life. We meet all sorts of people with all kinds of attitude, habit, behaviour, antics and whatever you call it. We cannot control what they think or choose to act just because we are friendly and polite to acknowledge long-lost friends/acquaintance.

  5. hahaha.. sounds like a joke for the day. :) You act fast too!

  6. Most of the time, I will give excuses until I will say no. Sometimes, they think we are overloaded with cash just to buy their products.

  7. Two sales line.. sure will grab u... hahaha... only those who are not in sales line will postpone their appointment to some other time.. and not straightaway biz like the 1st lady or the day after (for the 2nd lady) .. :)

  8. story no. 2 . oh now I recall ..actually we don't know each other. lol.goodbye.

  9. $20 the best and most economical way to lose a "friend".
    I wish we can lose all of our dead beat relatives, friends for $20 each.

  10. they both sounded desperate.. haha.. its not nice asking people to buy products when first meet after a very long time..

  11. First case I not so angry, but second case that woman damn thick skin. These people in financial consultation services are nothing more than insurance agents. An ex uni mate not very close to me also asked me out, tot why so friendly to me suddenly... Turn out she wanted to do consultation for me, asking me to divulge all my financial status to her. Who is she to advice me when her results lower than mine, and working exp nothing impressive...

  12. When got money, then got friends...and when it comes down to money, no friends already. Many parasites,friend's blood also wanna suck.

  13. Ohhh...I can't blame you for what you did! I would probably do the same reaction and even make unbelievable excuses. LOL! Dropping by here , just returning a visit:-)