Thursday, June 02, 2011

心疲力倦。。。I am just tired.

I've always have this love and hate feeling about this verse taken from the Bible Matthew 11 : 28," Come to Me those who are weary and heavy burdened and I shall give you rest."

The Love part is I know deep inside i am assured of that "promise" and the hate part is," I don't seem to be enjoying that "promise"

Don't know why, for the pass one week or so, it has been kind of habitual for me to wake up in the middle of the night like 2 am or 3 am,then the good night sleep would just elude me, my biological clock would just trigger me up at those hours and when i try to doze off to get into sleep again, it is always so hard.

Some says it could be due to my mind is being too active and may be it could also due to the wrong timing of me getting into bed, i really don't know. For those who have the same sleeping problem, I am sure you would identify with my frustration.

Probably, I should pray a little more to claim that "Promise" from the good Lord or may be someone could share some more humanly possible measures to me....hahahhaahahah.

P/S : Lord..........I am trying


  1. Errr... I thought when you are not asleep in the middle of the night, you jog.... don't you? Just kidding la.

    Is it too much nap in the afternoon?? Or maybe you are not mentally tired, only physical?

  2. Eugene,
    maybe too much things on your head. happens to me most of the time. will lay in bed wide awake after that and just when you dose to sleep it will be time to get up to work..maybe it has got to do with age catching up?

  3. I've been having the same problem. Since I already woke up during that hour, I just make the best out of it. Haha

    I guess the promise is only applied to those who are weary and heavy burdened, maybe you dont have that yet XD

  4. Yo bro, I had sleeplessness a few days ago, couldn't shut eye until 3am, did everything, counted sheeps aloud, talked to the Shepherd, played ipad games until no more batt, cleaned up my phone inbox, haha... even wishing my son would wake up crying just so he can accompany me! before sleep, don't take tea or coffee, try milo, and don't do streneous exercises lor.

    Better still, get your lovely wife to massage your back, nothing beats a good back massage. : )

  5. Andropause? hehehe... just kidding.. heard that one of the symptoms of menopause is insomnia.. cannot sleep.. but then u r so young and healthy.. so cannot be lar! another reason is maybe u have lots to think about.. worries, problems.. or too much excitement.. so which is which?
    or perhaps u drink too much coffee or chinese tea? I cannot drink these two things, whole night will be ngan kong kong.. .

  6. Relax. Ask your missus to give you a good massage... Drink milk with honey...or come to Sibu for a holiday. Here, you eat and sleep only...

  7. try not to think too much before going to bed. as for me, everyday i'm too tired that as soon as my head touches the pillow i'm off to dreamland :D

  8. Well..Insomnia is my friend for quite sometimes..hehee. But, if you tired due to the lack of sleep then I understand. I took herbal sleeping supplement months ago and it did work..try one. This is not sleeping pil hehee..just herbal supplement to make your mind on rest.

  9. don`t think and work too much then..
    drink milk and pray before sleep :)

  10. rest well bro. Try counting sheeps ><

  11. Eugene,
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