Saturday, June 25, 2011

A 71 years old security guard with RM400k

I was chatting with my apartment security guard, an uncle in his early 70s after my run and as i was chatting with him, he was sharing his frustration being a security guard and a 71 years old uncle................

He said some of the residents really look down on him, some even came to scold him with profanity when he was trying to carry out his duties.I was there listening to his grouses and in a way pacifying him that he should not take it too seriously about the "hantaming" from the residents.

I love talking to older folks,listening to their stories, learning from their mistakes and about life itself. As he was vending out his frustration further, i was piqued by his way of being cool,then i asked him why did he want to be a security guard.

He said all because he did not want to burden his children for the "hands out" everymonth, he knew that they'd got their respective families to feed, thus the only job he could get at his age, probably none,except a security guard with meagre salary.

As he was sharing further, he said he'd got a house that he bought 20 over years ago now worth about 400k, then suddenly i realized that those residents who love showing colors to this 71 years old guard, probably is no match to him as far as a RM400k paid up house is concerned.

I really hate those just because you have more money that the guy next door, you want to be cocky, or those who think they are more highly educated or more learned than the others, you tend to look down on others.

That reminds me of a true story happened to my old neighbour many many years ago, that auntie used to jeer, talk bad, belittle, scorn at another neighbour just because she'd got a drug addict son, i remembered she used to spit on the floor, everytime that auntie passed by and said something like this Hokkien," Silly lady, raising silly son, drug addict somemore"

Not long after, that auntie that used to jeer, talk bad,belittle and scorn that auntie with the drug addict son,had her own son became a drug addict, worse a robber........enough said.

P/S : Besides all those money that you can't take to your grave, you and I is no difference


  1. Don't look down on me - old and poor and no RM400K house to my name... Sobssss!!!!

  2. We should never look down on people. Period.
    We should never abuse and jeer people trying to work and earn honest money.
    At my previous office, the tea lady has a few hundred thousand to her name (I know because she kept the money in FD at the bank I work in)yet she didn't mind at all earning what can be seen as meager salary.
    I don't even own my 100K hoise. Still paying the bank for it. sob sob

  3. I also dont have 400K house.. nor apartment.. .. as long as i dont need to borrow from others, i m contented with what i have.. no need to look down on people who are less than us nor look up on people who have more than us.. :)

  4. oh, we do have those people around... in the company too. "carry the top, step on the bottom" - lousy translation; haha! anyway, just let them be... anything that goes up will come down eventually :-).

  5. Yes, $400K is not too bad if one live for another 10 years with no dependents + diligent investments. But if one lives to 80 or 90 years old, that $400K might not even be enough for one person.

  6. I never look down on anybody, we're all the same. Even if some folks are better off, be grateful that we are better than a lot of other people. :)

  7. LOL at STP's comment!

    Seriously, nvr judge a book by its cover! I hv seen many, old folks wearing reaped singlet, hvg coffee by the roadside by guess wht, thy are filthy rich!!!

  8. mr. bold talk, make yourself his godson. wink! wink!
    and to suituapui, aint looking down at you, uncle. u might not have a rm400k house but you have a rm4m home?

  9. always treat ppl with respect :)

  10. sometimes they work as security guard not for the money. Sometimes they are bored staying at home. Prefered to work instead

  11. nvr look down on people. because we will nvr know that one day we might need a help from them.. and moreover, we are all going to passaway one day when our time here is up. and we cant bring our $$, our glamour, our fancy cars and luxury items with us.