Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So hard to share this

This must be hardest post I've written and shared, it is heart breaking,soul wrenching and suddenly I felt so helpless and it happened to someone part of the fold and as close as blood bonded. (So sorry, i could only make references as of He,She and They)

I called her this morning to check on her as part of my responsibility,suddenly she digressed to telling me a news that really shocked me and sending shivers down my spine. she said." He was trying to kill himself by jumping down from his apartment at about 4 am this morning, in the nick of the time, we managed to grab hold of him"

Financial woes, family disharmony, marriage discordance, job problem, nobody understood him ? regrets or being pressured with the insurmountable problems, extra marital affair or just losing hope for life, i really don't know.

I have been praying for this family, asking for the divine intervention to help restore this family but then again, sometimes i really wonder there is so much "The One Above" can do, if you chose to "remain unchanged", ain't it true?

I think i can categorically say that "there is no problem that could be too much to handle" if the family is intact or we take the effort to make it intact from all parties concerned and trusting "The One Above" when human's effort seems so helpless.

You know, sometimes I have friends telling me " you good lah, you got good wife, good children and some money in the bank" but one thing they never knew was that, i took the effort of being a good husband, a good father and my lovely wife also took the effort being a good wife and good mother too.

On the hindsight, I am glad that "no tragedy" happened and I am also thankful that "The One Above" has answered my prayer in preserving this family and i shall continue to pray for this family that there would be light at the end of the tunnel.

The question remains, what is worthwhile in the end ?

P/S : Family First No Matter What


  1. Every family has their own problems, i guess.. all we can do is to pray for strong family bonding and LOVE..

  2. Pray that their family will turn out fine with God's will

  3. a very sad tale indeed. suicide does not solve problem. In fact it makes it even worst for those family members who remain behind, partically if there are debts to be settle.etc.
    money is always the problem ,but as long as we live within our means and not get ourselves into unnecessary debts , affairs etc then this part of the problem is already settle. as for other matters like quarels, they can be easily settle. agreed with you Eugene, we need effort to make a good family.

  4. ...and pray...and love.

    All these problems arise because there is not enough love in the family - nothing to bond them together. Very often, everyone's too busy chasing money, engaging in their own interests and activities, only interested in their own selfish gains - this is the result.

    And they do not pray. Knock and the door will open, seek and you will find...and in desperation, they turn to desperate measures to solve their problems.

  5. Agree with Claire, 家家有本难念的经.
    Just hope that people could make decision wisely, and think twice before taking any actions.

  6. Hope they will rally together to find a solution. Suicide never solves problem as it leaves the problem to those still living.

  7. Suicide act is childish and doesn't solve the problem. I pray that they would embrace any problem together and don't act stupidly.

  8. just pray for them.

  9. as a friend, that so much we can do to pray for them.. for themselves, is to sit down and solve the matter if there is no other place to run.. seriously, killing oneself is not the best solution after all...

  10. Ya Rome does not build in one day. We got to put in great effort in order to have harmony family and good relationship with our partner.

  11. we all have weaknesses and we are imperfect. We need a perfect God to take control of our family. Continue to pray for LOVE and PEACE for this family that you mentioned.

  12. everyone has problems... it's how we see and react to it. like you said, you have a good family because everyone in your family works towards it. which reminds me, sorroundings is very important in a child's first years.