Monday, April 11, 2011

I love running,that's all, no ulterior motive one lah

Another new friend of whom i just recently got to know of,after some chit-chatting, he got to know that we both shared a common interest and that's Running.

It is no escaping that when we met someone who shared the same interest like you did, we would just talk and talk about the same subject, therefore anything and everything that i talked with this new found friend,for sure was revolving the subject of running except one exclusion.

He asked me did i join any particular running groups for training and what not, i said i did not because i said to him that i preferred to do it on my own at the time most suitable for me. then he continued.........

He told me that i should join his running group for motivation,for progress, for friendly competition and more,i tried not to sound lofty or snobbish..but i gladly told him that i would still prefer to run on .

Jokingly but with serious tone nevertheless, he said there was another plus sign if i were to join his running group... he loosely termed it as "kan tau". He said sometimes they would party,drinks and there will be girls and................

P/S : I just love running,nothing else


  1. Good to keep fit...and stay looking young. I'm so lazy...and that's why so fat, old and ugly. Sobsssss!!!!

  2. good on you Eugene. You got your priority right, dont get side tracked, or you might be derailed in the process.
    It's good to have a passion and do it just because you love it, not because you can get something out of it.
    cheers bro.

  3. You got your priorities straight, Eugene. :)

  4. Man! I need to run! How can I find such an interest 4 running like you? I need to run... LOL!

  5. it would be nice to join a group..

  6. How come those days when I ran in Penang I ran alone no groups here and there and also the 'kan tau' to come along. UP above knows I passed the test and now HE is testing you..someone is watching you from a distance just keep running man.

  7. running is good. but be careful of your joints. I run on treadmills to shed some fats every weekday ;)

  8. I read that running is better than jogging because it is less strenuous on the joints and internal organs. You must be very fit, Eugene. Kudos for sticking to your guns. Distraction aside, I believe some things are best done alone. My two cents. More power to you!