Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's age got to do with it...........?

I almost hollered with tears when i was wathcing the show," Live to Dance" judged by Kimberly, Paula Abdul and Travis last night when this old couple took to the stage.
An octogenarian gal and a 63 man,strutting their dance moves on the stage, it was in the beginning that was nothing to shout about, but it climaxed (as far as i am concerned) when they break their alsmost mundane dance routine into something groovy.
I am very sure that they would not stand a chance to win the USD 500,000 prize money but their guts of taking it to the stage simply and aptly they are truly "Live To Dance"
You know it always pains me when i hear people making such comment about old man and lady," Look at that old lady, so old already still want to act like that, don't feel shame one meh?" " Look at that uncle, so old lalready still want to wear so fancifully" " Come on, that old grandma, sings so badly, somemore got gut to go on stage to be laughed at" etc.
I used to tell my boys, do live out their dreams and sometimes they (the dreams) don't have to come from how many As they score in their exams.....
So Claire and STP, shall we dance? I really miss those times when i was dancing on the stage, may be one day, just one day, i will relive that treasured moments again.
P/S : We don't have the right to laugh at other's dreams


  1. Hi dear,

    Oh mannnn....steady jugak yea..
    Yes I agree...we mustn't laugh at other's dreams...

  2. 'URL has been blocked' T_T, cannot watch the video now.. have to wait until I go home...
    You're right, we have no rights to laugh at other people's dreams... Respect!

  3. wat comes around goes around. we hav the chance to get old too. so... :)

  4. Did you notice the grandma got sexy legs too? Besides they could dance, I envied her for that reason too.. ;-D

  5. me - 60 next year...but no problem!!! Dance on! I think I've more life than many young people today - all like zombies! Something wrong with our younger generation...

  6. Bro, that call sporting matter how old they are, they r still young in their heart! Come on, give them a break!

  7. hey Eugene.. can get a place where can sing and dance without anyone laughing at us? somewhere with more privacy one... :)

  8. bro...tell u what.... I already doing that. I go for badminton coaching at 39 where the right age to start is 10...hahaha... And, im playing 2-3 times a week.... SOmetimes I thought I was in my 20s when on the courts! :p

  9. At least they are brave enough to make their dream come true...and I respect them for that.