Sunday, March 20, 2011

"For you only"

Sometimes i wonder in this age of internet super highway, where everything is so easy accessible, is tagging restrictions such like these are still relevant on reading and viewing materials, " For non Muslims only" " For Christian only" "For adults only" " For whatever only ?"

I did a quick search in the search engine and i googled "the difference between Christianinty and Islam" and then spread before my eyes were hundreds upon hundreds of articles related to my search key words.

Therefore, i can safely say this, as long as anywhere is reachable by internet, there it shall be ubiquitous and no matter how one tries to curtail another from accessing information, it will turn out to be futile effort.

They say the truth shall previal and i truly believe it will, no matter how other forms of information try to dissuade you for obtaining the truth..................

P/S : Let us respect one another.


  1. Respect is the key of harmony... :)

  2. im lost for words..errr.. or comments... .......................

  3. It's all politics - some fanatical individuals politicising the whole thing.

    What I know is many Christians - especially the young ones, NEVER read the Bible AT ALL. I ask my Christian students a simple question from the Bible and they cannot answer - like "Who had a dream of 7 fat cows and 7 thin ones and the thin ones ate the fat ones?" And NOBODY could answer.

    The Catholic church here is taking the Bible apart - separating it into smaller manageable sections e.g. Genesis - two sections...and everyone is asked to read a section a month... Unfortunately, it does not look like anybody is doing it.

    Instead of squabbling over the books, they should work on getting young people back to church. The church is about 10% filled, the choir is made up of half a dozen old and fat women...and at times, no altar servers - some old ones have to come have to help in the service and what do the young ones (obviously forced by their parents to attend)do during the service? Talk and play and mostly, they play with their handphones... Don't parents teach their children anymore?

    This, I would think, is A LOT more worrying than a few books that nobody reads, anyway.

  4. Google is really a powerful thing right! Everything is available in there~

  5. Ah Kong got Ah Kong right and Ah Ma says she is right too..therefore argue until like what STP commented 7 fat cows and 7 thin ones come home also no right..