Monday, December 13, 2010

Life is funny...............

Let me just share this scenarios with you guys shared to me by another blogger friend and after hearing from my blogger friend, i think Life is Funny simply because it contains some funny people.

Scene 1,

You posted on your blog assuming that you are going to Penang per se, (and you are not from Penang for sure) then suddenly you receive invitations from some blogger friends of whom you have never met from Penang inviting you to meet up. You gladly accept their invites.

Finally,you are now inPenang, meeting up with your blogger friends from Penang for the very FIRST TIME. Some pleasantry exchanged, and what do you do next to so called break this ice, for sure you will ask some questions, right?

Then you ask him, "Hey so and so, what do you do for a living?" he responded gingerly, "Confidential" then the rest of the questions could only court the same answers," Confidential"

Where is your hometown? ... Confidential..
You been blogging long?.... Confidential.

You might be thinking what else is that to ask and how can i further make this blogger friend a friend, right?

Note : It is funny right? Have you been in this situation before 十问九不答,ask ten questions,nine no answers in such an awkward setting?

Scene 2,

Take for an example, all my readers will always see an Miss A blogger's comments in every single post in my blog and many of them would have conveniently thought that me and Miss A could be buddy, colleague or in the same profession. As a matter of fact true to their guesses, Miss A is indeed in the same profession like i am.

One day another blogger gathering is arranged by some zealous blogger friends, so most of my blogger friends are invited that include Miss A too ( again many of us have not met before). Prior to this, Miss A has already hinted to me that i should not in any way divulge her profession.lest giving any hints that we are in the same profession and i agreed.

The day of gathering, as usual to break the ice we ask questions right? So one friendly blogger friend suddenly asks what does Miss A do for a living, she keeps quiet then this friendly blogger friend innocently suggests that Miss A and I are in the same profession and that fuels her resentment against me she thought that I'd told them before hand.

Someone guesses it right and i take the blame.....sigh

From that meeting, she ceases ties with me............

Note : Have you ever lost any friend whom assumed you had said something when you said nothing at all?

Life is indeed we should take it as a pinch of salt.

This is a scheduled post. Writing whilst thinking of my boys and lovely wife



  1. everything also confidential... hahaha. what's the point of meeting up?

  2. Ya agree, life is funny sometimes. Few years back, I lost contact with a girl friend due to some misunderstanding....
    But now, we're back as good friend again!

  3. Well...if I were you, I wouldn't care at all. She might as well sit at home behind the screen and don't come out right? :/

  4. How come so confidential, might as well no need to meet up!

  5. Ya agreed with others. If all is so confidential, they shouldn't write any post and have any blog in the 1st place. They shouldn't upload any personal photo, they shouldn't meet others blogger fren too. hmm

  6. Hahaha, life is made up of salt, sugar and spices. Different flavours indicates different ppl we meet everyday. There are funny, weird and moody one :)

    Confidential here and there... funny, but he's trying to be over-cautious, lol!

    As for Miss A? She's too sensitive and pre-judged you ;p

  7. About Miss A, I would try to clarify the misunderstanding, but if she still wanted to think her way, then leave it to her.
    "流俗众, 仁者希"

  8. Scene 1 - alamak...if all P&C then die lo. At least tell but request that it's not to be published lah.

    Scene 2 - For me i will be lazy yo explain. If Ms A already think that I leak her particulars, she wont listen even if it is not.

  9. such funny people. they still think they live in blogsphere..ahahhaha

  10. Hi Eugene,

    Just to say hi. :) And I'm finding lots of interesting reads in your blog!

  11. My goodness, really got to pre-planned u and and Miss A meet up with rest of the bloggers.

    When in blogging world, no holds barred but when meeting up as shy as a mouse?

  12. lol... what the point to meet up if like that. they are so paranoid eh...

  13. lol... what the point to meet up if like that. they are so paranoid eh...

  14. I have come across very very cautious people.. they dont trust anyone but themselves..or maybe they dont too? hahaha.. anyway, life is such.. by the way, my blog is MIA liow.. all of a sudden in the afternoon.. so if it doesnt come back, i wont be in the blogging world but i will be just a reader... :(

  15. Eugene,

    Thanks for drop by my blog.. my blog got not much readers ..hahaha!! Appreciate it!! :) Life is short & we just don't what will happened to us in the next seconds .. don't take things it too seriously, just forgive & forget. Take it easy!! I wish u always happy & healthy :)