Thursday, November 11, 2010

The "K" joint and the "C" girl

Who said this, "all that glitters not gold" was it from one of Shakespear's plays or from Thomas Gray, the 18th century English poet, anyway i am not dwelling on who said it but how this phrase actually played out in my friend's life.

It was all a normalcy for him, entertaining clients at "karaok" joints, beers, women, happy hours and presumably business liaisons among clients, no problem for the expenses, the big boss will foot the bills, what my friend had to do was just entertaining the clients, that's all.

This friend of mine by general perception is a nice guy, good husband and a doting father, i can attest to that,like they say, the guy that every mother would clamor to make him her son in law.

He said it all started with the acquaintance of one lady hostess in the "K" joint, to my good friend, this girl should not be there, as he described it innocent, modest and not at all a gold digger, after a few visits to the same joint, she would be the one my friend would summon to be his companion for the evenings.

Not long after, a mutual affection blossomed, friends in his business circle knew by then that they were an item and they would not pester this particular hostess when my friend entertaining his clients.

I heard this friend's account from the other friend not long ago, and so happened i met my friend (the lead role) the other day and we sat down over a cuppa of coffee, after beating around the bush for sometimes, man being man, we talked and he shared and looked like now he was in a quandary.

The girl had asked my friend to go and rent an apartment for her to stay, claiming that her current place was not so comfy and she had asked my friend to help her out financially to send some money back to her home town in the land of the Big "C" monthly as she claimed that she needed to support her brother.

At this juncture, my friend still has not conceded any of her requests, he was feeling bad about it and now he was not sure could it be "all that glitters not gold" scenario was being played out, he admitted that he really liked this girl but then again.

At the end of of our conversation, i told my friend that we were old enough to do what was right and looking at the danger at stake, i could not tell him to dump her,(would he do it if i really had told him that)

Sometimes i just wonder, men are funny creature we are born with two sided brain, one side we know all the rules, boundaries and prohibition and the other side we just want to break all those rules............ may be to prove our man's mettle?

P/S : Don't trouble the trouble, before the trouble troubles you


  1. maybe the other side of the brain kept telling "rules are meant to be broken".

    ya...he wouldnt have listen to you anyway. It's something that he had to think for himself. But by talking to you about it, it seems that he knows the girl is just using him.

  2. why do some men still wanna play with fire when they are already a "good husbant and doting father"? How can they be a good husband if they are going to joints and getting companions? Just becoz he stay out of bed with the girl doesn't mean he's a good husband.

    sorry, I get very cheesed off at men who are unfaithful to their partners.

  3. that is always the case.. i thought it happens more for the older men..

  4. we tend to break rules but we face the consequences.

  5. agree with wenn.
    he has to make the decision. he knows what's the right thing to do.

  6. Forbidden fruit is sweeter...and that led to the downfall of Man!

  7. It's the rules of the game. Women nowadays know how to take advantage of men be it for the men too.