Friday, November 12, 2010

A child's cry

It broke my heart when i read a news about how a ten year old child from Kuching, Sarawak was canned... the crime : He comsumed food made of certain ingredient that is a taboo to certain religion, a common sense will tell us that a 10 year would not be so meticulous to check if the food he comsumes is prohibited when his stomach is groaning in hunger, right? More so if the food was not prepared by the child.

If this is how we adults mete out punishment that is not with the motive of helping the child to become a better student or a beter man but just because he committed a certain crime he himself was not aware of when his intelligence and reasoning capability is not well developed, can i therefore suggest that the next time if a student catches a teacher smoking away or swearing foul language in the school, can the teachers be canned by the students as well for setting bad might think i am a moron to even suggest that but then again...............

A lot of times, we make the little ones the scapegoats from the folly and the bigotry of the adults, how many of them suffer from broken marriages, how many of them left in "no man's land" when one parent embraces another religion and i hope when we say to respect a child's right, we really must mean it.

Sorry for this piece of dull and frustrating post on a beautiful Friday but i really feel for the helpless ones................Have a great weekend and God Bless.

P/S : Show them respect if we want them to be respectful............


  1. i watched with horror on a video clip about a child's arm forcefully put under a van's tyre for it to go over as a punishment for stealing a bun!!!! gosh!!

  2. I hate child abusers in whatever manner. This type if punishment can consider as child abuse already right?

  3. this is due to some idiot trying to be a hero or champion for their religion and this can only happen in malaysia. why punish the child for the "crime" of the father? they did not even check the truth before the execution. what rubbish!

  4. This world is cruel... the adults always have the prerogative to hold a child's fate, I believe adults are not always right... Why don't listen to the child and make themselves a better person(referring to the case).:(

    Have a pleasant weekend!

  5. I don't trust any form of organised religions. In the west the Catholic priests are the biggest child sexual abusers. It took years for the Pop to address those issues.
    In this local case, some people just take their personal religious belief to an extreme . The child is innocent.

  6. Just purely ignorance but some idiots took it seriously. They should judge themselves instead.

  7. All religions are good. It's man that made them bad.

  8. Schools have the right to draw up policies and rules...but the parents should be informed and warnings given for initial offences - perhaps they can call the parents to the school to talk about it.

    Moreover, there ARE guidelines controlling disciplinary action to be taken...and caning 10 times goes well beyond that. Even cases of cheating in exams, fighting, ponteng - they will not be caned so many times. Action must be taken against the individual...and in fact, the parents can sue him/her and the school for child abuse.

    P.S. Latest reports have it that the student's father is a Muslim. I think there is something more behind the whole thing than just what we read in the papers.