Monday, November 29, 2010

The Best Thus Far............

Attended a few wedding dinners this year, all of them were great,simply because all were good friends' wedding but last Saturday, me and my lovely wife attended another one, i must say it was the best thus far.....
The wedding venue, Eastern & Oriental Hotel, the ballroom was simply majestic.
The most sporting and unpretentious newly weds that really made the guests felt very very happy.
These are the friends that we've made the pact that we would bring the hall down, good foods, good company and good drinks, that's what made a good wedding.
Jess is so beautiful,no wonder we slipped no chances of not taking photo with her.
Surprise, surprise these gals are more havoc than the guys.
Like i said, good company, good foods and good drink,especially on a beautiful Saturday night, that's life, Eat Drink and be Merry.
Jess,your beauty is without ostentatious.........

To Jess and Daniel, may the start of the union bring you happiness and loads of joy, even the road ahead might be bumpy but the love shall conquer it all.

P/S : When two become one, there shall be no distinction



  1. Seems like you all enjoyed very much! Agree, the bride is a gorgeous lady.
    I love attending wedding dinners, can dress up nicely and watch other people as well, haha :D

  2. A joyous event on Saturday night! I like your friend's wedding photo. It gave very 'strong' aura - a man with his iron lady supporting from behind.

  3. WOw...this is a very famous hotel wor.

    You all sure had a lot of fun :D

  4. Eastern & Oriental Hotel - simply majestic, I agree! Congrats to them.

  5. wow! That looks totally fun! I wan't an awesome wedding as well!

  6. Oooooo....E & O! Multiple-star hotel...must be sooooo expensive. Congrats to your friends.

  7. Yes, there were many weddings going on around here too..

  8. haha...u really have a good time bro!

  9. making me so hungry now...

  10. wow..such fun..most of the dinners that I hv attended were boring.

  11. you look so happy in your 'red' face ;) and the bride is really gorgeous.