Monday, November 22, 2010

Always the last to know..............

I was chatting with a newly acquainted friend who happened to be a disciplinary teacher for many years ago the other day, coincidentally we were talking about parenthood and teens of the current time.

I personally could not agree with him more when he shared with me that during his years as a disciplinary teacher whenever a student was caught with his misdeeds and when the parents were summoned to meet the teachers, most often than not as he explained the parents would always expressed a homogeneous reaction, there is..................................

" no lah, my child is not like that, i see him go on the bus, he will not play truant" " how can this be? my son even hates the slightest smell of cigarette, how could he be caught with smoking?" how can he be involved in triad activities, he is always so timid,how can he be involved in fight? " and many instances that my new friend was telling.

As my new friend summed it up, the parents will always be the last one to know about their child's misconduct only when the crimes are exposed.

It would be very shocking for a parent to know that one day when a police man knocks on the door, delivering the news that his son was killed in a gang fight, was caught in a attempted robbery and the parents could still be in daze to believe how can this be........................?

Of late we have read news about teens being involved in illegal activities and in my opinion the onus is always on the parents to make sure that we know what are our children are doing, who their friends are, may be to even to connect with them in Face Book..

Sometimes to be very frank, i am afraid too, afraid that may be i would turn out to be a lousy papa, that i have not taught my boys the right ways or even set a wrong example to them, i can only pray that day in and day out The Lord will give me wisdom to be a better papa.

I know they say, " it is easy said then done" parents are already bogged down with tonnes of stress, money is hard to come by and 24 hours in a day is not enough and juggling with so many responsibilities.

Some parents even have the notion that to satisfy a child's needs materially is already good enough, make them happy by keep upgrading their phone for them, more pocket money (without even understand how much a child really needs)

A child can be denied of a good thing but he can not be denied of a good teaching.....

P/S : Give me a little bit,give me a little bit of your time to me............


  1. I thought it was about affairs and the wives are always the last to know.. so it is on kids.. yes, each morning i sent my girl to school, i can see a few boys playing truant.. i always ask the same question.. "where are they going?"

  2. I believe parents are very busy nowadays. Parents don't have to shower them with material items but with love, caring and spare more time with their children is one of the priority. Don't worry you are a good PAPA!


  3. I couldn't agree more on what you said. Though both my girls are still young, they seem have so many things to tell me especially when I want to call off a day and go to sleep. Like what you said in your p/s, they just want me to give them a little while and listen to them attentively. This is a good reminder for me as a full time working mom. Thanks.

  4. It is difficult to keep an eye on the kids all the teach them and guide them well - trust and respect them...and if properly brought up, they will return your trust and respect...and pray and leave it in God's Hands.

  5. Frankly I'm also worry too as I am not always with my kids and whenever I'm back with them, they will look for me for toys or computer games...*sigh*...

  6. interesting topic. my aunt said this...
    "give them good education/teaching on religion (respectively), that if they ever stray one day (hopefully not); they will always know/remember how to find the right path back. as sometimes the world out there got the better of us without us realising... once "woken", they(or we) would always remember that there's GOD thus will quickly return to HIM".
    in a way, i think it's true lor.

  7. With much exposure of tv, internet and better living, kids nowadays are really intelligence. Smart children are always welcomed, but if they misuse their brains on something else.... Really got to track the root cause, then.

  8. I guess that is every parent's greatest fear.

    My secondary school Principal and Discipline teacher were very good. They went out ofb the school to hunt for those who are playing truant.

    btw, thanks for following me in my old blog. I have moved my blog to to see you there and do update you bloglist ya.


  9. As parents we have our fear,don't we? Like arthur says,respect them and pray for them the rest leave it to god's hands lah.

  10. Parents...well...they are just...not careful enough. It is harder for parents these days compared to our fathers or forefathers.

    Nowadays...children are really "sick"!

    Then again...those students from independent school are better disciplined. From what I have learnt of course.

  11. oh so true! Now it's easy for me to sayy i will be a good mom for Jasper, afterall he's only 6 months old and is always needing his mommy. I can only imagine when he turns 13 and no longer wants me to be around him 24/7. I just pray that I'll handle it well and still be a good mommy for him :)

    All the best Eugene, i'm sure your sons know the effort and love you made for them

  12. parents need to spend quality time with their kids.