Friday, October 22, 2010

Ladies, you must hear this...............

According to one report of scientic study of bio therapie from England, there are certain specific hours of a day that men are most agreeable to women.

1)If you want to ask for a pay rise from a male boss, the best time to do it is at 1PM, this is the time when the male boss is most relaxed as he heads out for lunch.

2)The best time to get men to lose any argument with you, do it at 3 PM, this is the time their intelligence is at the lowest........

3)If you have been wanting to ask your man to buy you something but seems so futile thus far, may be it could be the time of asking is not right. Next time do it 6 PM. According to the study, this is the time chemically, biologically, emotionally and pyhsically men are most susceptible to requests........

Share with us, if you think this is true......... bye for now and have a great weekend and god bless

I hope next time they could run a test on what is the best time man could get anything from his woman.....................

P/S : Don't do it time after time, just do it at the right time


  1. What about at night? Ask anything and they'll get, eh? Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. LOL, really ar Eugene? I'm more interested in item 3 haha :D
    Can I save your post and keep a copy for myself? muahaha :P

    Thanks for sharing! You have a great weekend ya~

  3. Wah... is this for real? Or only applicable to you? Kekeke....

    No harm trying, I'm going for point #3 later :p

  4. I think somehow this is true. My boss goes to lunch almost at 1pm. And I had asked my hubby to buy me one shirt. And he did. That's around 6-7 PM. hahaha.. could be coincidently.. or maybe as what you said. :) Anyway, will try a few times and prove it.

  5. So nice of you to share these 'secret remedies' with us!^-^

    1)If I have a female boss, how ar?!!

    2)3pm, he is still at work wor, even weekend at 3pm is probably his nap time...(No wonder his intelligence down lar):(

    3)6pm, he is probably having dinner, I'm afraid he might get choked after hearing he has to 'korek' his wallet again...;p

    All my feedbacks are just meant for jest, have a wonderful weekend to you and family!;)

  6. Today 6pm, I want to mention about my Japan trip, tomorrow 6pm, I want to mention about a new diamond ring, the day after tomorrow 6pm, I want to mention about a brand imported car perhaps,.......the list will go on. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. I don't think are unpredictable.

  8. STP : At night depends on what you do in the afternoon lol...

    Hayley : ok, you can try..h

    Yvonne : yes no harm trying, but make sure at the right time, ok?

    Ginger :ok try again somemore and whatelse, blog about it lol

    Alice : we are here to share ma.

    Yan :wa like that demanding one lah,, die lah sharing this with you

    Wenn : not exactly, in fact men are very predictable, my lovely wife can attest to that ,,kekeke

  9. Woah! Really!? Hehehehe.....can try it out on my hubby, see whether this timing thing works on him or not! *Evil grin*

  10. Eugene, most importantly do you think it will work on you?

  11. timing is very important aye. :D

  12. Alice : you can try on your hub but without the "evil grin" kekekek

    Irene : me,my lovely wife seldom asks anything from me one,, she is richer than i am ,,,kekekekek again.

    Tekkaus : Yes timing is everthing, don't you think so, even in the middle of the night, right?

    mNnl: it sure sounds intereting,,,lol

  13. about 9pm when i want a man!!!

    Enjoy yr weekend.

  14. wah...i better don't talk to women during these hours!

  15. Wow, thanks for the tips. And men ought to know that at 5am, ladies are vulnerable to seduction.

  16. kidding me! but its great, i will use this to my full advantage in working areas heheheh