Friday, October 01, 2010

78 years old ............

It is to me absolutely all right for men or even women to talk about sex if everyone is feeling comfortable with it or discreetly as not to alarm those who are not so game hearing about it lest them feeling offended .I had a rude shock with one uncle just the other day trumpeting his libido prowess.

I have this usual group of men comprising few school bus drivers and a few fathers, we usually meet and chatting away as some of us fathers whiling away time waiting to pick the children up from school.

That day, as i sauntered into this group and rested my butt into my seat, there was already this older man chatting away with others, he was new to me. Even before i could say hi to the rest of the guys, i could already hear clangor of funny laughter from the floor and this uncle was the generator to all this amusement.

" You know if you don't believe me, i can give you the number of this girl, you know the worker at the wan tan mee store and all you have to do is to reload her phone credit, viola you can take her out and have some good time with her already," sensing that he didn't sound so convincing, immediately he hollered out the number," nah, the number is 016 xxxxxx, her name is Rumi"

I was asthonised at his gut of talking and trumpeting this nonsense oblivious to the patrons of other tables and some students as well, then suddenly he looked at me and said," brother, how many times can you have sex one week." i kept quiet, as boastfully as he put it to me," i bet you cannot fight me lah, for me i can still do it twice a week."

Feeling agitated i then shot back sacartiscally, " Uncle how old are you already?" he thought that i was curious to find out his secret of his prowess, not sensing my disgust,he said," I am 78 years old already."

Unbeningly, i shot back at him," Uncle i am 44 years old and i have sex only twice a year but i am the happiest guy, so uncle i know you are good but please don't tell us all this nonsense, all right?" He was at this juncture trying to justify himself saying that he was not boasting but trying to give tips to the younger man how to keep IT up till the old age.

I looked away from his sight, striking up another conversation with others and ignored him completely. From that day on, he never tried to join us the second time...........

Happy Weekend guys, see you on Monday.

P/S : Some grow old gracefully, some just plain distatesfully


  1. At 78, it's really an achievement to him though he can branded a dirty old man too! Haha... Chill out and relax bro.

  2. he's one dirty old man...uhuhuhu...

  3. He wasnt just bragging about his prowess, he's also promoting prostitution. Man! Being open minded is one thing, but there's just only so much you can discuss openly without offending anyone or making urself look stupid. Poor Runi doesn't even know what hit her.

  4. Hahaha, some people are so boastful, irritating and disgusting :)

    Ignore them is the best way.
    Have a pleasant weekend!

  5. Guess he is trying too hard to get everyone's attention la. Boasting and talking about sex is one of his ways to seek attention la

  6. haha..agreed with chris.. buy DOM to drink!

  7. Yucks! I really feel gerli with this dirty old man...nonsense!! ignore them totally!

  8. To this type of people, I am learning to keep my mouth shut and smile only.

  9. errrm... just his way to attract attention :) i'll just ignore that type of ppl :)

    Have a nice weekend eugene..

  10. Who cares about these people? :p

  11. live life cool...

    I start losing faith in GOD too

    Sex isnt everything but a great way to escape pressure of life

  12. i don't like this kind of people..too open-minded.

  13. Shame on him! He could have kept his mouth shut on his sexual escapade.

    He did not have any respect for Runi. Poor her!

  14. whoaa hohohoho!! another chua soi lek in the making!! i say old men and old women are still entitled to their libido pleasures, but ONLY with their spouses, otherwise better they jst stick to gardening.

  15. There's nothing to boast if a person could have sex N number of times per week or even per day. Not every one is the same.

    It's disgusting, and high time people put a stop to asking "Hey how often you do it, ah" - like it's preparation for a Sexolympics event!! - they've to learn to mind their own business unless they've a really valid reason to ask.