Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lim Guan Eng

This blog of mine is not politcally inclined, so don't worry even if my post title makes you think otherwise. I have been wanting to blog and talk about Ah Eng, (a moniker our Chief Minister of Penang is affectionaly known to most Penangites), so here goes, let me just blurt it out........... I have high admiration and respect for Ah Eng when he was incarcerated many years ago ( i guess it was in 1994) for fighting for justice to be done for a under age girl who was "bullied" by those in high power,he was put to jail for what he believed that justice should be done even if it cost him his freedom, i bet not many of us would do that. That heroic act of Ah Eng would have put many politicians to shame for those could only talk but not walking the talk.

Since that time, Ah Eng had enthralled me with his steely gut in standing up for the rights of the masses regardless of race,gender,religion and color, and since then my vote had always been for him and the political party that he was aligned to untill the so called "Political Tsunami " on that historical day the 8th of March 2008.

I can still remember i volunteered myself as a helper during on of the previous General Elections, helping to put up posters, going round from house to house to garner support, and even sat in as a voting agent. Back then most of my friends thought i was crazy but i was really hoping for change, if you know what i mean.

Two days prior to 308, in the year 2008, i attended amongst thousands upon thousands of Penangites in the field of Han Chiang School for a mammoth political speech with many of us cladding in red shirts, it was a sight that i shall never forget. On that night, many of us were hoping for a "Big Change" and the "Big Change" was miracously materialized on the 8th of March 2008, the Giant fell and we were all so happy.

It is my personal hope that Ah Eng's admintration will to continue to lead us to a better Penang for many years to come, we have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and now the light shall shine on, we have seen the changes and we steadfastly want the changes to continue.

This post is dedicated to you Ah Eng and because of the recent spat between a so and so and Ah Eng, so i thought it might be good to hear from a Penang kia like me.

Though many may say that Ah Eng still behaves as if he was still in the opposition and i say this to them why not, if it is for the good of Penang and her people.

Probably Ah Eng could choose to be popular (Like others kowtowing to the higher powers) but he knows he belongs to the people.... kudos to you Ah Eng

P/S : Caring Administration The way to go


  1. Yes, the Lims are really something.. father and son.. they make history..

  2. Not into politics. No comment...

  3. i was once in a plane with him. very act wor... i'm not into politics. so i bother.

  4. I think Malaysia needs someone like the father and son team who dare to speak their mind.

  5. Oh yes I prefer him compared to the ex-cm (BO HOOD) keke.

  6. It is a tough job and their rise to the occasion to champion for the the goods. :)

  7. i met him during the recent Sibu by-elections. he was standing by the roadside without any body guard or security detail or anything. humble, a man very at ease with himself. to say I was impressed would be an understatement.

  8. They are the true blue leaders of the people. They'lll get my vote whenever! ^_^

  9. To Suituapui, being apolitical is a form of politic too. We need to support those whom we believe can help move the country in the right direction. To give some check and balance to the system.

    We need some one like him in Sarawak.

  10. yeah! i support him too!

    Our life cannot escape from Politics.
    Because we are the people of the country.

    Ok, i know a lot of friends they are not interested in politics.

    But, when everything things increase, they start to complain... why? this is the fact they did before... i found that more of people not interest because they support another party. but... the point is when everything increase ... dont complain please.. because they make it happen.

    yes, we need this kind of people!
    we dont want racist politician in our country... better ask them go to hell early.

  11. Eugene,
    nice write up.yes, we need more leaders like Ah Eng. All is not loss, there is still hope for Malaysia yet.
    God Bless and protect all the honest polictitians and woe to those who are wicked and corrupted.

  12. I heard he is doing a fine job in Penang. That is why he always kena attack from UMNO. You will attack the biggest threat mah.

    So, keep up the good work and fight for justice all..

  13. Viva Rocket..! ! hold your ground man....

  14. I went to Penang a few months ago and was impress with the improvements in Penang. He's doing a good job.

  15. He certainly sacrificed alot for the people - hope that he'll stay in power to make a change for Malaysia!